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Reforming Health Care with the Collective Power of Alternative Remedies

Lewis Fein on July 13, 2017 - 4:23 pm in Column

Health care reform is incomplete without coverage for alternative remedies that are often less expensive – more effective – than prescription drugs.

The drugs that insurers already underwrite. The drugs that have severe side effects – sometimes irreversible ones – and additional complications involving addiction or withdrawal. The drugs that contain a hidden tax from all the marketing and promotions regarding the attempt to build awareness among consumers. The drugs that are more artificial than natural, insofar as they are the product of manipulation, insofar as they are the result of the unknown, insofar as they are sometimes the cause of devastating consequences.

Compare those drugs to a collection of homemade remedies, which has the potential to reduce pain and improve a variety of conditions.

Imagine the power of hemp-based salves, tinctures, capsules and topical creams, among other things, from a brand whose mission is health and wellness.

Imagine Pure Hemp Collective, makers of the very items described above.

tincturesample_grande-468x468Imagine, too, a true conversation about health care reform –– one that includes acceptance of or acknowledgment concerning the appeal and efficacy of hemp extract.

Imagine this discussion as the beginning of a national campaign to educate the public about the benefits of plant-based alternatives.

Consider this effort within the broader context of communication, where a brand emphasizes clarity – where a brand emphasizes the clarity of its convictions – so there is no ambiguity about its principles or its purpose on behalf of bettering the public good.

This type of health care reform does not require the use of jargon and/or ominous language.

It is, instead, an exercise in transparency, where a product’s ingredients – including coconut oil, sweet almond oil, arnica, hempseed oil, hemp extract oil, jojoba oil, calendula, shea butter and a proprietary blend of essential oils – speak for themselves.

Insurers need to be aware of these remedies – they need to subsidize these remedies – because of the quick absorption and immediate relief these products provide.

We all need to become more conversant in the use of plant-based remedies, which contain a high-quality concentration of hemp extract.

This knowledge will further a necessary cause – a noble one, too – that can advance health and wellness throughout the United States.

Let this new chapter in the history of health care reform open with optimism and an outlook of a better means of treating a diversity of ailments.

Let this chapter be the work of intelligent researchers, who also have the wisdom to help people of any age because of the advantages of those salves and tinctures that have helped – and continue to help – men and women for ages.

Let us adopt the ideals of those advocates of health care reform, of those agents of change, so we can have a health care system that is a marvel to behold and the envy of the world.

Let us apply those salves without delay, thereby becoming our own champions of personal improvement and collective success.

Let us do all of these things –– and more.

Reform starts now!

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Lewis Fein writes about a variety of health and wellness issues, in addition to pieces about technology, business, and management. Based in Southern California, you may email him at feinlewis@gmail.com


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