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National Healthcare Reform Conference™

Date : September 25-28, 2016n Location : Washington D.C. n Expected Attendance : up to 4,000


Up to 500 Senior Healthcare Leaders

Whether you are for Healthcare Reform or against it, the reality is, it’s now enacted, and you need to know how it affects your business, and how to comply with it. The National Healthcare Reform Conference® will be a fast paced advanced educational and networking event focused on providing you with the answers and solutions.

Accomplish in three intense days of learning, networking and collaborating what could take years to figure out and learn about the over 1,000 page complex healthcare reform bill.

This is one event you cannot afford to miss!

The National Healthcare Reform Conference™®, is the only dedicated conference designed specifically on how healthcare reform affects the health insurance and healthcare industries. With up to 500 senior healthcare leaders this will be an amazing conference.

Attendees to the Conference will be :

  • Employers
  • CEO’s, CFO’s, HR, CIO, Medical Directors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government Officials and Entities
  • Health Insurance Agents, Consultants and Brokers
  • Health Plans and Payers
  • Hospitals, Healthcare Providers and Doctors
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Biotech and PBM’s
  • Attorneys & Legal Counsel
  • Public Purchasers

Come learn about getting a leading advantage on understanding the affects of healthcare reform.

This conference is brought to you by the Employer Healthcare Congress, www.employerhealthcarecongress.com which organizes the leading employer focused healthcare conferences, which includes the National Corporate Wellness Conference™, www.corporatewellnessconference.com, the National Voluntary Benefits and Limited Medical Conference, www.voluntarybenefitsconference.com, the National Self Funding Employer Healthcare and Workers Compensation Conference, www.selffundingconference.com, and the National Healthcare Reform Conference™.