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Under a Clear Sky of Recovery: Reforming Healthcare by Treating Addiction

healthcare on May 18, 2017 - 2:32 pm in News & Insights, Uncategorized

As the U.S. Senate prepares to review the American Health Care Act (AHCA), now is the time to highlight the need for coverage to include treatment for addiction.

Coverage should also extend to centers abroad since we should support the right treatment – from the right professionals – regardless of location.

That means the emphasis should be on health care, where the journey from addiction to recovery starts with compassion; where the path for lasting reform begins with awareness of the needs of patients; where the route to wellness originates with empathy by many and sympathy from all.

Advocates of reform should recognize how essential this level of treatment is – and how rare it is, within or outside the United States.

For if we want to have the kind of reform that will comfort the conflicted and aid the afflicted, if we want to help patients suffering from addiction – if we want to do all these things, and more – we should learn what works.

We should study the success of Clear Sky Recovery.


I cite this center because of my belief in the urgency of providing coverage for my fellow Americans, no matter where they choose to receive treatment, though I urge them to seek help from a facility with such an impressive commitment to safety; from a group with such a personal stake in each patient’s recovery; from a center with such intelligence and wisdom.

These benefits should govern health care in general just as much as they define the history of Clear Sky Recovery in particular.

Those strengths include the facility’s 20-plus years of experience concerning ibogaine treatment.

That training matters because it should be the standard that influences all medical treatment.

Bear in mind that there are (unfortunately) places that misrepresent the use of ibogaine – that it is the cure for addiction, without any risks or side effects – while these same outlets often lack the personnel and equipment to administer this treatment.

Since we would never accept this absence of care by our own doctors, we should not excuse the lack of oversight or competence elsewhere.

More importantly, expertise is vital for the effective – and safe – use of ibogaine.

While unavailable in the States, it would be wrong not to cover ibogaine treatment.

It would be a wrong against our most vulnerable citizens, many of whom could emerge from the darkness of addiction toward the light of recovery.

It would be a sin of commission because of what I know; because of achievements by Clear Sky Recovery, which we cannot ignore; because of unsolicited testimonials, which we must not dismiss; because of an institution whose integrity we must not denigrate; because of the dedication by doctors, consultants, counselors, technicians, nurses and staff, which we must not deny.

If we are to have health care reform worthy of a great country, we must raise our voices on behalf of treatment by great professionals.

That rule should apply to every patient, from those in recovery from addiction to those trying to achieve recovery.

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