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6 Foods That Are Extremely Rich in Proteins

by Dustin Cortright

People around the world are trying to eat healthy foods and, in that way, improve their health. This is especially noticeable in America, where people are crazy about protein. But, statistics say that Americans eat too much protein in everyday nutrition, especially because they eat red meat.

It is known how much red meat can be dangerous to our health because it causes some serious deadly diseases, such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes or cancer. In addition to a large amount of protein, there is a lot of fat in red meat, while in meat products such as sausages or bacon, there are certain chemicals that adversely affect our health.

If people around the planet would eat foods of plant origin instead of meat, that would have a major impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions for around 25% or on a mortality rate that would decrease for 5%. First of all, we mean foods such as beans, nuts or peas.

The first advantage of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is that it also reduces the production of meat that generates a large number of green gases and in this way pollutes the atmosphere.

In a recent report, 37 experts from 16 different countries presented a new diet. It refers to people who need a large amount of protein on a daily basis, and this diet will help them to replace red meat with healthier foods.

Foods That Are Extremely Rich in Proteins

source: medicalnewstoday.com

“We’re on a lose-lose path at the moment: we’re destroying human health, and we’re destroying the environment at the same time,” says Dr. Walter Willett, one of the authors of the Lancet paper and a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “There is a win-win path, by shifting to more plant-based protein sources and producing them in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Also, we decided to present you with several foods that contain a large amount of protein and that are much healthier than meat. With these ones, you will definitely not have to worry about the amount of fat or some other bad compounds in foods. So, let’s start.

Cultured meat

Many startup companies produce food from animal cells, which is similar to that produced in the traditional way. The advantage of cultured meat in relation to ordinary meat is that its production preserves the environment and reduces air pollution.

Unfortunately, such foods have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but this is expected. Companies that deal with this business have begun to unite in order to improve their products. We have one example where Just Inc. a San Francisco company has partnered with a Japanese farm to make a cultured Wagyu beef.


People may still don’t know all the benefits of eating seafood, but blue-green algae are certainly one of the most nutritious sea plants. You can find it in many shops or even bars because juices are made from it, and it can also be an addition to desserts or energy bars. Its nutritional values can be compared to those of eggs.


Insect-based nutrition is also a good way to preserve the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their production is significantly cheaper than traditional meat production. Another advantage of the insect is that they reproduce faster. According to Global Food Security, insects are the third in the list of carbon dioxide production, behind wheat and nuts.

Foods That Are Extremely Rich in Proteins

source: healthline.com


Beans are one very healthy food useful for our health. She is rich in amino acids, fiber, iron and potassium, and of course a protein. Its production and price are significantly lower than meat. Of course, an additional advantage is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as significantly faster growing. Helen Harwatt, a Harvard scientist, says: “Beans really fit that profile of being the best available replacement for beef, in terms of minimum environmental impact and maximum health impact.”

Meat mimics

Surely the most popular herbal replacement for meat is soy-based tofu. It has about 10 g of protein per 3 oz. Of course, the advantage over the right meat is lower emissions of greenhouse gases. Also, soy is rich in fiber and nutrients. Another interesting substitution is the pea. Also, you will find pea protein in Beyond Meat’s buzzy veggie burger that has the same taste like a real burger.


For the end, nuts, whose benefits, we believe, everyone knows. The main feature of nuts is the high amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Another great advantage of nuts is that their growth does not produce any emissions of carbon dioxide, which makes them extremely environmentally friendly.

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