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7 Ways To Eliminate Brain Fog

by Dustin Cortright

Modern days have seen people get weighed down by incredibly complex stressors and lifestyles. From demanding jobs to the rising costs of living, many people are now complaining of a lagging mind or cloudy brains. These symptoms include difficulty focusing or expressing oneself, poor memory and slow processing speed, more like an old computer. However, you can beat these annoying symptoms with these tips:

Check your diet

Many allergies like gluten intolerance have been proven to contribute to brain fog. If you have an auto-immune disorder, then you need to carefully check your foods to avoid triggering reactions which, among other uncomfortable symptoms, could lead to brain fog. Also make sure to drink your eight glasses of water daily, as dehydration does hinder cognitive efficiency.

Consider taking a supplement

There are numerous supplements from Absorb Your Health that will jumpstart your cognitive function. These are safe to take and will empower your brain by eliminating toxins and offering plenty of beneficial vitamins. Vitamin B complex supplements enhance cognitive functions by improving the working of the nervous system. Also consider getting antioxidants, Vitamin D and Omega 3 supplements.


If you’ve been seated at a desk all day, now’s the time to get up and take a walk. This way, you get your mind a chance to take a break and reset. Again, exercise gets the heart pumping, which will improve both physical and mental clarity. Try to incorporate 40 minutes of walking every day in your schedule, and your mind will thank you. Some morning aerobics will also do your brain a lot of good, and so will relaxation techniques like yoga and tai chi.


7 Ways To Eliminate Brain Fog 2

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Many people are bogged down by hectic schedules, studies, exams, presentations and other stressors that eventually weigh the mind down. Take a break and enjoy your surroundings for a while. Stress is especially dangerous and can severely hamper your brain’s functioning. Take a break often, interact with loved ones or try a hobby. A break will help your mind relax so that you start your next job on a high note.

Sleep more

If your mind is groggy and you feel overwhelmed and irritable, you probably have not had enough rest. Strive to have at least 8 hours of sleep every night for better decision making, improved attention span, and sharper analytical skills. Avoid taking coffee or alcohol right before bedtime, and have a fixed sleeping and getting-up time for best results.


If you have been exposed to hazardous chemicals or have been using drugs and alcohol, you need to eliminate them from your system to bump up your cognitive functioning. Heavy metal poisoning like mercury and lead poisoning also manifest as confusion and poor memory.

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Listen to music

Your favorite playlist can help you alleviate brain fog and increase clarity. Pick a slow playlist to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure after an especially hard day. You can also play slow music as you work to increase concentration and give you a sense of security and well being.


These techniques, coupled with stress management will help jumpstart your mind for better performance at work or school.

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