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Contact With Children Can Improve Old People’s Physical And Mental Health

by Skopje Macedonsko

Today, grandparents and children live increasingly separate lives. Technology, better healthcare and easy to access live-in care means that seniors are able to live independently, healthy lives at home with much more ease. Multi-generational living is less popular because parents of an age where they can care for their senior relatives are more likely to follow their career. With both parents out of the home, there isn’t anybody to care for the elderly relatives. According to The Live-in Care Hub (www.liveincarehub.co.uk) professional care in the home does offer a solution even if families want to live together, but many families still live very separate lives, limiting grandchildren and grandparent time hugely.

Because of technology and the way lives are lead, the elders of the community naturally coming into contact with younger generations just doesn’t really happen anymore. This is a real travesty when there are so many benefits to the different generations being together socially. Just take a look at the Channel 4 program ‘Old People’s Home For 4 Year Old’s’ and (through many tears) you’ll see the magic that can happen when the older and younger generations are put together.

In a few days, there were some really special relationships formed, and the elderly saw some huge benefits to their mental and physical health. Children who were shy or may have communicated differently were also seen to blossom and love the time they had with their new older friends.

It is really important to consider the benefits of younger and older people spending time together.

The Benefits To Seniors

Seniors can benefit hugely with even a little time with younger children, something that has been proven in various studies and social experiments. Here are some of the key benefits to seniors when they spend time with younger children:

Contact With Children Can Improve Old People's Physical And Mental Health

source: elderlawms.com


● Loneliness is avoided
● Seniors experience a sense of purpose
Dementia symptoms may reduce
● New skills are learned
● A new sense of perspective is gained
● The mood may be enhanced, especially if the person has depression
Anxiety may be reduced


Physically, patients can often surprise themselves with their physical abilities. They may have felt they had limits they actually self-placed because of a fear of falling or hurting themselves. As wanting to join in, and the children themselves encourage them to do more they may find their physical abilities are much better than they thought.

Benefits To Younger Children

Younger children are known to benefit from spending time with the elderly. They learn many new things, and they have somebody patient and understanding who wants to listen to them. Younger children also enjoy feeling a sense of importance, knowing they are making a difference to somebody’s life. They gain a strong understanding of growing older and what it means, and they understand different members of the community.

Contact With Children Can Improve Old People's Physical And Mental Health

source: thefamilylawco.co.uk

How To Take Part In Multi-Generational Events

You may wish to take part in multi-generational events whether you are a parent, a carer or an older person. There are many programs and schemes, usually, they operate locally so have a look and ask around. You could also look into volunteer projects that involve lots of different age groups, like community allotments. You may also want to look into adopting a grandparent scheme which can be very successful. Your live-in carer may also be able to help you find a programme you can get involved with through their contacts with others in the health and social care industry.

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