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Improve Your Health By Removing Nicotine From Your Vape

by Robin Whyte

The main purpose of vaping is to replace the classic cigarettes and thus help users to consume less nicotine. There are variants that do not contain nicotine, but if you are an avid smoker, you can not do that overnight. However, if you get used to vaping, you may be able to shorten the time to quit smoking, but also not consume harmful carbon monoxide that is released by burning, as well as tar, which is actually one of the most harmful parts of the classic tobacco.

However, you can not expect that this way of consuming nicotine will certainly help you quit smoking. In fact, many people continue to vape even years after they last smoked tobacco.

If your goal is not to quit smoking, but to reduce nicotine, you can do it right away or gradually. We would advise you to take smaller steps because abruptly cutting the ingredients you have been living with for years can cause shock in your body.

If your choice is vaping, this item is for you. We will try to consider as many health aspects as possible of excluding nicotine from your daily habits, which may lead to a complete cessation of smoking.

Think about your decision

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If you have a health problem that requires you to quit smoking or nicotine, you should do so as soon as possible and be disciplined in your decision.

If, on the other hand, you decide that it is better for you to reduce your nicotine intake, then you need to prepare well for such a step and be aware that the whole process will be a really big challenge for you.

Start with vape juice with a certain amount of nicotine first. Every few weeks, gradually reduce your intake, but without making drastic changes. In this way you give your body time to get used to the lower concentration of these substances and to adapt to the new state. After a while, reduce a little more. You may need a period of several months or even a year to achieve your goal.

To be able to start this so-called adventure, you need to know where to buy nicotine-free vaping juices. At vapingvibe.com you will find many good products that are safe to switch to once the weaning process is complete.

What are the potential health benefits of quitting nicotine?

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According to many studies, you will feel the benefits immediately. First, a proper heart rhythm will be established, without any stimulation. During the same day that you last took nicotine, you will feel a surge of energy due to the reduction of carbon monoxide in your blood system.

After half a month, your circulation will improve, which will give your complexion a healthier color, but you will also feel good. It is the result of pure oxygen being transported throughout your body.

In less than a year, lung capacity will be restored and you will notice that your breathing is deeper. At the same time, the risks of smoking-related illnesses, such as cancer of the mouth, throat, or lungs, are beginning to decline.

In theory, this all sounds perfect, but in practice, it takes a lot of time and commitment to successfully get rid of nicotine from everyday use.

Invest in suitable nicotine-free vaping equipment

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Sometimes ordinary vape devices are not enough, nor suitable for this type of liquid. Therefore, it is good to inform your seller and say that you intend to use nicotine products. That way, they will be able to offer you a suitable device, which, thanks to its power, will help you get the most out of it, without feeling the need for nicotine intake.

At the same time, these devices create a cloud of vapors, which compensates for the overall smoking experience. Believe us, when you get used to it, the pleasure is as good as when you smoke stronger cigarettes.

Thanks to the aromas, you can feel like you are not losing any of the usual experience. Therefore, it is worth buying a quality device, but also liquids that contain as few harmful chemicals as them.

Benefits of nicotine-free vape

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To date, nicotine is the addictive part of cigarettes. This means that you may even quit smoking and vaping, as there is nothing that can cause you to become addicted to certain chemicals.

Also, these vape juices are not too harsh for your throat, so after a while, you will notice that you do not have a dry mouth and you will cough much less often. At the same time, you will not reduce the pleasure of enjoying a wide range of aromas and a cloud of steam around you – which is the same sensation as with regular smoking.

You can be creative by choosing aromas and flavors to enhance the whole experience.

Most companies make nicotine-free liquids without toxic elements, which means that all potential harmful effects are significantly reduced. And most importantly, you can do all this without any remorse.


Be critical of any changes in your habits. There are too many vape juices on the market with different prices and qualities. This means that you will need to pay close attention to the ingredients, colors, additives, and all other elements that affect the toxicity and safety of the product. It is certainly a big investment and many will change their minds about the cost, but in the long run, there is potential for greater profitability.

Do not take marketing promises for granted and always research the composition of the fluids you buy, even when they do not contain nicotine. This way you are sure that the whole experience will not have negative effects on you. Of course, if you feel that a liquid does not suit you, replace it with another. It is quite normal that you do not like something, so you have too many options in the market, to completely change your mind.

Be responsible, and take good care of your health, because you deserve that.

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