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Lap band Surgery: Who can get it & How Much Does it Cost?

by Gerald Hester

When individuals try to lose excess body weight for years only to find themselves back in the same condition, they might start considering bariatric surgery. Lap band surgery is a popular weight loss procedure with a high success rate and consistent results.

Because of it’s low risk, more patients have started seeking out this surgical method and want to know about the lap band surgery cost.

The outcomes of lap band surgery sound like a quick fix, but the procedure isn’t ideal for everyone. There are specific requirements to become eligible for weight-loss surgery and lead a healthy life.

In this article, we’ll cover the prerequisites, what the procedure entails, and what to expect in terms of pricing and post-procedure responsibilities.

What is a Lap Band Surgery Procedure?

Lap Band Surgery Procedure

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Lap band surgery is a popular type of bariatric surgery that allows patients to lose large amounts of weight in a shorter timeframe than traditional dieting.

The major benefits include the fact that the surgical procedure is minimally invasive, the hospital stay is less, and the healing process is quicker; hence, why lap band surgery is the preferred weight-loss program in the USA.

The surgery involves setting a silicone band around the stomach which helps reduce food intake, capacity, and appetite. Individuals will consume fewer calories, which helps to lose weight as well as setting a new baseline for portion control.

Ideal Candidates for Lap-Band Surgery

An individual can’t just walk into a hospital or a clinic and demand a lap band surgery. The candidate needs to undergo specific surgical procedures and get approval. Multiple factors determine the eligibility for lap band surgery:

  • 40 or higher BMI
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Complications due to obesity, like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, joint stiffness, sleep apnea, etc.
  • Failed weight loss attempts via exercise, diet, and prescribed medicines
  • Pass pre-surgery psychological screening
  • Not dependent on drugs and alcohol
  • Assuring to change lifestyle post-surgery
  • Not pregnant

How Much Does the Surgery Cost?

Lap band Surgery - How Much Does it cost

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Budget plays a pivotal role in the decision to consider weight loss surgery. The good news is that most Medicare and insurance providers in the USA cover significant expenses of lap band surgery. Without seeking insurance coverage, lap band surgery is financially undoable for most candidates.

The cost of the surgical procedures varies from $10,000 to $ 20,000 depending on the insurance coverage, location, hospitals, medical centers, surgeon, and general fitness and health of the candidate. The insurance policies don’t cover additional expenses like psychological evaluation and nutritionist consultation.

The lap band fills and silicone adjustments come under the insurance coverage in the first year. The insurance coverage policies help millions of people to lose weight and lead a healthier life.

Advantages of Lap Band Surgery

When weight-loss surgery is on the wishlist, a candidate must know about the pros of lap band surgery. One primary advantage of lap band surgery over other weight-loss procedures is that it doesn’t alter the digestive system.

It indicates that the body continues to absorb and digest food like before. There is no risk of malnutrition and other issues due to fewer calorie intake. Additional benefits include:

  • Quicker weight loss
  • Long-term weight loss
  • Enhance the quality of life
  • Reduces or eliminates diseases like Type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems
  • No joint pain
  • More flexibility and mobility

The advantages, in combination with affordable lap band surgery cost under insurance coverage, make it ideal.

Recovery from the Surgery

Recovery from the LAP-BAND surgery

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The best part about lap band surgery is that most candidates get discharged the same day post-surgery. Patients gradually begin their daily routine after two to four weeks.

Post-surgery patients are on liquid and semi-liquid diets for at least three weeks. Six weeks after surgery, most of them begin eating regular solid food.

Surgeons recommend taking it easy and gradually adjusting to the new lifestyle. There is nothing to gain from hasty decisions and not taking adequate rest. It is always better to consult medical experts in case of any complications or side effects.


There is a high success rate of lap band surgery in the country. Weight loss eliminates life-threatening diseases and promotes a better lifestyle. If an individual is overweight or obese, he automatically doesn’t qualify for the surgery.

Several procedures are there to become an eligible candidate. Because insurance companies cover most of the lap band surgery cost, it is easier for people to afford the procedure.

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