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4 Most Common Signs You Should See a Chiropractor – 2024 Guide

by Wilma Lucas

Our central axis is the spine. The term central axis says enough about its importance to human health, it is the stability of our whole body. Maintaining it with correct posture is very important for preventing many troubles that can be caused by the dislocation of a part of it. However, it is very difficult to stay on the right track, giving the life we lead today.

We are forced to spend hours and hours sitting in front of computers, typing. Even when we are not working most of our daily duties are connected to technology, we carry mobile phones all the time. We are forced to spend a lot of time driving. Not having time to walk from one place to another, we turn to the quickest solution – driving. And the physical exercise we always have to put in the non-priority list. We don’t even have time for that. All these things heavily influence the condition of our skeletal system, and slowly we start feeling the consequences.

What is interesting about the health issues which happen as an effect is that they are hard to connect to the cause. So, if we’re experiencing a headache, we might not think that the cause lies in the spine, for example. A simple visit to a chiropractor could save us poisoning our body with pain killers, that only removes the effect (not the cause of the pain). More information about how chiropractic can help you get rid of the cause of your pain can be found at drpearlmantv.com.

We will, however, continue with presenting the most common signs you should see a chiropractor.

1. Headache caused by migraine

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People who suffer from migraines know what’s it like to go through hell. In a way, the good news is that people who suffer from migraines often also suffer from another form of headache and it is possible to significantly influence the frequency as well as the intensity of the headaches themselves. The cause of migraines is unknown. No single cure for migraine has been found so it is extremely important to act on all aspects of life to influence migraine symptoms, and chiropractic is certainly an important link in this segment.

It is very difficult to predict how someone will react to chiropractic treatments. There are no rules. If spine dysfunction is present then chiropractic can be effective. In any case, it is important to emphasize that chiropractic does not deal with the treatment of headaches, but with the detection and correction of functional or static disorders of the spine. It is these disorders that cause many symptoms, including headaches. Namely, if there is some irregularity with the skeleton of a person, it will significantly burden the connective muscle tissues. For example, any forward movement will put a tremendous strain on not only the bone structures but also the muscles and thus cause muscle tension. You must have felt this when you go forward and bend down, the tension in the neck muscles gets very intense like they’re made of wood. Chiropractic treatments optimize spine function, correct static disorders, relieve joints and discs, and consequently reduce uncomfortable muscle activity.

2. Back pain

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The back is continuously affected by their weight, especially with overweight people and gravity. The total weight of the body is transmitted through the cruciate part of the spine. How many times have you been in a situation where you felt cut by a cross due to some banal movement? If you have frequent pains that bother you while sitting, lifting, and other daily activities, you are more likely to suffer from a mechanical form of back pain. If you have trouble sleeping, your concentration and productivity are reduced, if you drink analgesics and daily pains reduce your quality of life, it is high time to take care of your health with the help of chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic is effective in mechanical forms of low back pain as well as in proven degenerative changes in the spine. In some cases, it is possible to completely remove it, while in some it is possible to reduce the discomfort and the consumption of analgesics.

3. Consequences of sports injuries

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Chiropractic is present at all major sporting events. Many of the former world’s aces such as Michael Jordan, tennis player Andy Murray, as well as the legendary Muhammad Ali used chiropractic methods on their way towards achieving their greatest sporting successes. As the main goal of chiropractic is to optimize the function of the spine and the work of the locomotor system, and in a completely painless way, it prevents injuries and helps to heal the resulting, athletes love it. If you are into sports and have suffered an injury in the past, chiropractic can offer you a great alternative solution towards getting rid of the pain and proper healing.

4. You’re sitting most of your day

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Prolonged irregular sitting at work, at home, weakness of the spinal stabilizer muscles due to inactivity, stress, pregnancy, excess weight, or prolonged driving are conditions and activities that contribute to accelerated degeneration of the spine. Spinal pain has simply become a disease of the modern age.

Since a stressful and passive sedentary life is almost impossible to avoid, the question arises as to what we can do to make our spine healthy. And this is where chiropractic therapy steps in to help. The goal of therapy is to alleviate or eliminate the negative effects of sitting and the accompanying consequences such as pain, headaches, and the like. With regular treatments, you work well for yourself and your spine, you do not need painkillers and your life becomes better.

There are many areas in which chiropractic therapy can be helpful, these are only a few of the most common signs people tend to ignore and mask with pain killers. It is very important to maintain general physical condition. Regular swimming, cycling, home exercises are ideal ways to achieve fitness and ensure the flexibility of your spine.

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