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The Best Natural Back Pain remedies

by Skopje Macedonsko

Back pain has become quite a common thing among people. It isn’t unusual for us to feel pain in our backs after a long day at work, sitting in a chair, lifting heavy objects, or simply after falling asleep in a weird position in an uncomfortable bed. The truth is, human back is very sensitive to changes and physical effort. The pain can last long and prevent us from going about our day and fulfilling our daily tasks. The main thing that will almost always help are pain killers, but we should try and avoid them as much as we can. They can have detrimental effects on our bodies after prolonged use, which is why we need to find different ways to ease our back pain. Today we present you with a list of some of the best natural back pain remedies.

Exercise regularly

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One main reason why you might be experiencing chronic back pain is that your back muscles are weak. You use your back for the majority of everyday movements such as sitting, walking and standing. Regular walks, yoga, and water exercises can help you strengthen the muscles and relieve the pain in the long run. Your core muscles are the most important for supporting your lower back. If they are weak, you’ll start experiencing back pain. For younger and more physically active people, even gym and sports such as volleyball, basketball, and martial arts can help strengthen the muscles, but it should be done under the supervision of the coach or personal trainer in order to prevent the injury caused by performing the exercises incorrectly. If you want to have a look at some of the exercise therapy programs, click here.

Try heat and cold therapy

Applying heat and cold or your back muscles can help relieve pain. While cold can reduce inflammation and slow down the nerve impulses that cause the spasm of the muscles, heat can stimulate blood flow which means more nutrients will be sent to the affected area and reduce the pain. You can use cold packs and soaking yourself in a hot tub. However, heating pads are a more practical solution as are hot water bottles.

Choose the right shoes

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Uncomfortable footwear that doesn’t fit you perfectly can have an adverse effect on your back. You need shoes that provide the right amount of support and that aren’t too flat. Podiatrists are able to help you find the shoes that fit you so don’t be afraid to contact a professional.

Pay attention to how you sit

Try getting an ergonomic chair that will support your back and help you relieve the strain in your muscles. You can also try sitting on a fitness ball as that will make your core stronger and help you sit straight without crouching over your desk.

Reduce stress

Chronic stress can keep your muscles tense and cause the pain in your back. Try meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques in order to manage stress properly and reduce the tension in your muscles.

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