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Why Is a Career Change Worth Considering, and Why Could Nursing Be the Ideal Second Career?

by Gerald Hester

Switching careers is a big decision to take and one that can seem a little daunting if you have been in the same role/industry for a while. Sometimes though, there will be important signs that signal that a change of direction is needed professionally.

Being unhappy in your current job and not finding it rewarding personally are classic red flags to look out for.

Changing careers to something that allows you to make a difference and that you enjoy is the best way to solve these issues. You may also think about switching careers if the salary you currently earn is not what you expect or makes it hard to survive.

If there is no real possibility of improving this moving ahead, then you may need to think about switching lanes.

It is also key to think about your future career and if the job/sector you work in has scope for progression. Some sectors are better at this than others, and this can mean that you may have to change industries if career opportunities are limited currently.

Why Else Might You Change Careers?

While the need for a career change might be down to personal matters such as those above, it can sometimes be down to events outside of your control.

A good example of this is coming into work one day to find out that your company is shutting down and you are being made redundant! This obviously means that you need to find another job quickly, but might see you take this chance to move in a different direction.

You may also worry about the overall health or long-term viability of the sector you currently work in. If you get a feeling that it might be about to hit a major downturn that could last a long time, changing careers into a niche that has a better long-term employment outlook makes sense.

Nursing Makes the Ideal Second Career Choice

What Makes Nursing a Great Second Career

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While you might be confident that a change of career is something you need to consider, you may well struggle deciding what to do next. This is especially true if you will be changing industries and breaking into a sector you have never worked in before.

One popular choice in terms of second careers is nursing, and this is a role in healthcare that has a lot of attractive benefits. It can also represent a real change for people moving into it as a second career and enable them to feel reinvigorated in their work.

If you are currently working outside the industry, it is necessary to acquire formal academic qualifications. Baylor University’s BSN for non-nurses is an excellent choice, as it not only offers flexible online studies but can also be completed in just one year.

Once you have gained your initial qualifications to become a registered nurse (RN), you can then start applying for jobs and also thinking about continuing your education to move into higher-level nursing roles.

What Makes Nursing a Great Second Career?

Nursing is a fantastic second career option for many reasons. To begin with, it is a very well-paid healthcare role in general and offers attractive financial rewards. The average basic salary for RNs in 2024 is around $68,000, for example.

If you move on to more senior nursing roles, the pay levels will naturally be higher and this is also something to consider. It is not just about the basic salary you will receive as a nurse either – many healthcare facilities will offer regular overtime work and benefits packages for staff.

Nursing is also a very rewarding role and one that enables you to make a positive difference in the world each time you go on shift. This is another aspect of it that can be appealing for those looking to change careers – especially if your current role is not something you find satisfying on a personal level. If you are looking for ways to live a happier life, this is a great route to take.

What Else Makes Nursing a Top Second Career Option?

What Makes Nursing a Top Second Career option

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We have noted above that some people might look to change careers if their current role/workplace does not offer much scope for progression or development. Nursing is a top choice when switching careers if this is important to you.

It is sector that not only encourages professional development but also has a variety of different areas you could move into. This could see you train to work as an RN before continuing your education to move into more specialized areas in time.

This continued professional development can open up exciting new career opportunities and even see you move into nurse leadership roles if this is something you want to do.

Bright Outlook for Nursing and Variety of Settings

school nurse - Bright Outlook for Nursing and Variety of Settings

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As well as a varied selection of nursing areas/jobs to try out in your second career, this is also a sector with great flexibility in terms of where you work.

Although hospitals and clinics are the most obvious examples, it is also possible to work in settings such as schools, community centers and care homes. This enables you to choose the setting that you prefer best and that you will most enjoy working in.

If you are having to change careers due to being made redundant or over fears as to where your current industry is heading, nursing stands out. Stats from the BLS on the RN job outlook show that a 6% increase in demand is expected from 2021 to 2031. This type of demand is also something that is expected for nursing as a whole and makes it one of the best sectors to move into in terms of job security.

Nursing Is a Second Career Worth Considering

If you are thinking of changing up your career, then there are a lot of different roles, sectors and industries you could switch to. Nursing is undoubtedly one of the best though and has many unique advantages to recommend it.

If you plan to change jobs and want to work in a sector that is rewarding, well-paid, in-demand and offers great professional development opportunities, it is worth serious consideration.

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