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6 Ways How to Get the Most Out of IV Therapy

by Wilma Lucas

IV therapies are extremely useful as supporting the body to raise energy, restore strength, rehydrate organisms, help strengthen concentration, immunity, cognitive and physical performance. All of these are well-known conditions to which we are exposed daily due to the accelerated pace of life and improper diet.

The service of  innerwellness.com is becoming a more popular treatment with every passing day: people who receive the service report feeling healthier and a reduction in some symptoms. Practitioners of IV therapy are keen to share their knowledge and work towards a better understanding of their work and the human body as a holistic system.

As a result of IV therapy’s increasing popularity, it is becoming more common to discuss it. And, with greater discussion, there are more thoughts about how to improve the treatment and make it more effective for participants. So, today we look at how to get the most out of your next IV therapy treatment.

1. Work Closely with Your IV Therapy Practitioner

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The best way to get more out of your IV therapy is by strengthening the relationship with your practitioner. The more they understand your medical history, desired health outcomes, and reactions to previous injections, the more capable they become. Like many professional relationships, the sharing of information is beneficial for both sides.

To get the most out of your relationship, consider writing down questions or ideas you had before your appointment. This will help you feel prepared and comfortable when talking with your IV therapy practitioner, making information sharing easier. Don’t be afraid to break the mold though! Every relationship is different, and it is important to have one that works well for both sides. 

2. Do Your Research

Doing your research about IV therapy is more than just knowing how it works. You should also try to find resources regarding the intended results of certain vitamins and supplements in your regiment. Take Vitamin B12 as an example. This nutrient is an essential part of DNA creation and helps to keep the body’s blood and nerve cells healthy.

Remember, it is best to take your information from reliable sources. In the age of the Internet, there is much more information than any single person could hope to digest. Therefore, keep a scrutinous eye out for bad actors who may try to deceive you about what IV therapy is capable of providing for clients of the service.

3. Talk about Results with Friends and Family

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The best resources for health and wellness in your life are the people around you. Now, this does not mean that they are experts in medicine or the successful treatment of ongoing ailments. However, knowing your social circle means that they also know you. 

Therefore, they can offer critical insight into what changes they have observed in your behavior. If you have felt down and sullen after a personal loss, for example, you may have noticed your loved ones making helpful hints or suggestions about your mental wellbeing. This sort of community feedback is invaluable when trying to achieve your health and wellness objectives.

4. IV therapy as an anti-aging treatment

Many doctors in their short educational lectures explained the advantages of this therapy compared to classic oral supplements, which, according to research, are used by more than 90 percent of people. Unlike pills, from which the body absorbs only 20 percent of vitamins and minerals, by direct intake into the blood, the effect is one hundred percent and a balance is established in our body. This therapy is extremely useful as a support of the body to raise energy, restore strength, rehydrate the body, help strengthen concentration, immunity, cognitive and physical performance.

5. Who is recommended intravenous therapy?

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This treatment is recommended for every person who wants to raise energy, increase strength and endurance, increase their performance, and raise immunity. It is ideal for people with an active lifestyle and athletes. It is also recommended to people who have problems with gastritis, ulcers, Crohn’s disease because infusions bypass the digestive system. As an extremely safe product, it does not have additional stimulants, it does not represent a doping organism, and so far, no case of side effects has been recorded. This therapy is also safe because it is performed exclusively under medical supervision, and after a general history is taken, an individual approach is made to a special combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to achieve a better effect.

6. Conditions for the use of a supplement or drug

The basic conditions for a supplement or drug to be administered intravenously by infusion are that it is isotonic (same osmolarity as blood osmolarity), that the acidity (pH value) is compatible with the pH value of the blood, and that the supplements used are hydro soluble (soluble). in water).

When it comes to vitamins, for each water-soluble vitamin there are specific and proven daily needs in appropriate units of measurement per day, which are defined for a healthy person who does not use any chronic therapy, is not a smoker, or consumer of alcoholic beverages, is moderately physically and mentally active. However, daily vitamin needs can vary drastically.

In case of reduced fluid, vitamin, and mineral intake, due to insufficient fluid intake and poor nutrition due to illness, age, dehydration, or exhaustion, as well as in case of increased needs (excessive psychophysical effort, chronic fatigue, stress, increased drowsiness, learning for exams, consuming large amounts of alcohol or cigarettes, sports or other physical exertion, recovery after surgery or serious illness, as well as more difficult therapeutic procedures such as chemotherapy) daily needs for certain vitamins can be drastically increased.

Final thoughts

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Intravenous supplements are extremely effective only when applied in the right way, in the right dose, with the right choice of solvents and supplements, as well as drugs, they can drastically accelerate recovery after illness or therapeutic procedures, help with increased needs or dehydration, and give beneficial effects. quickly, but only with prior examination and evaluation by a physician. Patients often think that infusion is a substitute for food, but this is the most common misconception.

This therapy is invasive, and despite the very rare side effects, for full effect, it is necessary to be examined by an experienced and specially trained doctor, and if necessary, additional laboratory diagnostics

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