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What Are The Best Home Fitness Machines for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)? – 2024 Guide

by Izabelle Morris

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) increases your heart rate, burns fat faster, and improves strength. HIIT works on the principle of alternating between short periods of high-intensity workouts and short resting times.

There are several machines that you can use for HIIT training at home. You can check out all of these equipment by visiting here.

1. Self-Powered:

Some of the most effective machines for HIIT training are self-powered. Self-powered machines start and stop with you, which makes them safer to use. Additionally, the hard work you need to do to run a self-powered machine helps you burn a large number of calories.

2. Full Body Engagement:

img source: americansportandfitness.com

If you plan to buy equipment for a cardiovascular HIIT workout – it is best to go for a machine that engages your entire body. Some good examples of such machines for HIIT training are curved treadmills, rowing machines, ski-ergs, and air bikes. You can have a look at even more machines and get more out of your workout by following the workot tips stated above.

3. Air Resistance:

One of the newest trends in HIIT training is the use of air resistance equipment. These machines for HIIT training work to build resistance according to the exertion levels of the user.

4. Pre-programmed Workouts:

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Most HIIT equipment today come with simple and effective consoles. You can check the console to see your heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned in every workout.

To help you select the right home-gym equipment for high-intensity interval training, you can find a resource for setting a home gym here. This will provide with a complete set of exercises that you can do in order to smash that workout. Listed below are of some of the bestselling machines for HIIT training at home –

1. Digital Display Curve Treadmill

img source: verywellfit.com


  • Power Supply (LED Screen)
  • Net Weight: 195 kg
  • Max User Weight: 180 kg
  • Noise Degree Below 80dB (A)
  • Protection Level IP 20
  • Running Temperature From +5°C to +40°C
  • Product Dimension (L x W x H)
  • 2009 x 890 x 1420 mm

Reasons to Buy

  • Attain full sprint with a few explosive steps
  • Specific workout/rest interval training
  • No ramp-up/down speeds for users
  • Offers responsive training for the whole body

Manually powered and entirely safe for use. Professional athletes use the digital display curved treadmill for HIIT training. It works on resistance training principles, and the harder you work, the more resistance the machine offers.

2. Belt Driven Spinning Bike

img source: explore.mindbodyonline.com


  • Load capacity:180 kg
  • Size: 1050 x 600 x 1150 mm
  • CE, RoHS & ISO9001
  • Machine Weight: 70 kg
  • Color Options: Available in selected colors
  • Stuffing: PU foam with synthetic leather

Reasons to Buy

  • Smooth pedaling
  • User comfort
  • Stability
  • Easy to move

If you love fast-paced and rhythmic spinning exercises – the belt-driven spinning bike is for you. You can adjust the height, display specs, and resistance according to your preference. Comes with an emergency braking system for safety needs and is backed by a digital console for better viewing and clarity.

3. Elliptical Machine

img source: bicycling.com


  • Load capacity: 144 kg
  • Size: 2190 x 690 x 1880 mm
  • Machine Weight: 115 kg
  • Driving system: Self-generating electric
  • Flywheel weight: 10 kg
  • Packing size: 2300 x 600 x 860 mm

Reasons to Buy

  • Digital Quick Incline™ makes incline adjustments easy
  • Adjustable pedals and comfortable stride length
  • Adequate flywheel helps the natural and consistent movement
  • Multi-position upper body grips for better upper body workout

One of the best cross-training machines for HIIT training. Track your heart rate, calories, and workout time with a digital monitor. It comes with floor stabilizers and folding design for easy transportation. Be it anywhere, you can get the machine from a gym to another and you can use this even in your home space for the at home qworkout.

4. Rowing Machine

img source: thegadgetflow.com


  • 24 resistance levels
  • Belt drive
  • 25 profile programs
  • Heart rate monitor
  • PJ7 Poly-V Drive Belt
  • Dimensions 2357 x 524 x 85.6 mm

Reasons to Buy

  • Commercial grade HIIT equipment
  • Self-powered
  • Heavy frame construction & aluminum rails
  • Adjustable tilting footrests

Choose the Rowing machine for a power-packed HIIT workout experience. Easy to read LED display screen to monitor heart rate, calories, and time spent. Also, it comes with 24 resistance levels to suit your increasing stamina.

5. Upper Body Trainer

img source: blog.mapmyrun.com


  • Air and electronically controlled magnetic resistance
  • 15 auto control, pacer and interval, 4 heart rate programs, watts control, fitness test, the user profile
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Weight 38.92 kg
  • Dimensions 535 x 2030 x 325 mm (W x H x D)

Reasons to Buy

  • Automatic Magnetic Resistance System
  • Can be wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Comfortable, sweat-proof handles
  • 15 Workout Programs
  • Built-in heart rate belt receiver

Few machines deliver an upper body workout that is challenging and fun. With a heart rate monitor, this self-powered HIIT training equipment is the ultimate buy for toning and conditioning your upper body.

Now that you know all these machines and have a fair idea of where to get these machines from, you can start on your fitness journey with all the essential equipments you will need for having a great start, be it a beginner or even a seasoned professional.

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Sancket Kamdar, a certified weightlifting coach, and a successful entrepreneur founded SF HealthTech with a single goal in mind – to bring high quality, international standard exercise equipment to help fitness enthusiasts and athletes reach the next level of fitness. When he’s not working on new equipment ideas and designs, he loves to create educational content about health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. He also writes to help budding entrepreneurs on running and growing a business, based on his experience.

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