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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Neck and Shoulder Pain

by Dustin Cortright

Sometimes our bodies work not the way we want to. Every little wrong move can cause a lot of pain. Neck and shoulders are considered vulnerable areas. They contain nerves, muscles, arteries, veins, and bones. You should medically investigate your neck and shoulder pain. Especially if it’s been bothering you for more than one month, or you have severe stiffness, numbness or fever. However, most of the time, discomfort in that area isn’t ominous. It is treatable, you just need to know how. If you don’t have any red flags and don’t feel like spending two hours in the line to see your doctor, you can learn about this condition right here and try different home remedies.

What causes neck and shoulder pain?

Once you get the answer to this question, you will know what to avoid. A number of factors can contribute to neck and shoulder pain. The most common ones are: sleeping or sitting in the wrong position, impingement syndrome, it can also be the result of injury or the form of arthritis. In some cases, it is also caused by anxiety or excessive stress. Before you start applying remedies, confirm your symptoms. The list of signs includes weakness, color changes (look for redness or blue tinge), deformity, and numbness. In case you have it, you can try:


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Neck and Shoulder Pain

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According to experts in Dave Taylor Massage, applying circular or kneading techniques can alleviate shoulder and neck pain. If you want to do this at home, you will need coconut oil or olive, tablespoon and assistance of your partner or friend. At first, you should take a hot shower (it can help relax the muscles), then warm up a tablespoon with the oil and massage your problem area with it. You can repeat it every morning during the week. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t rub the injured area if it causes even more pain. Also, you can try Swedish massage or trigger point therapy for your shoulders. It can help increase the level of oxygen in the blood which leads to improved circulation and decreased muscle tension.


You can do exercise only if it doesn’t cause excess pain. Yoga, stretching and strengthening exercises can make your shoulders and neck more flexible and stronger. It can help reduce stiffness and get instant relief.

Check out the list of the most useful exercises:

  1. Bring your chin towards your chest and lean your head to the right and to the left, stretch your shoulders. Breath deeply and try to hold the stretches up to 30 seconds in each direction. Repeat it at least five times in a row.
  2. Slowly nod your head backward and forwards. Then turn it completely to the right and to the left. Do this every hour to reduce tension in the muscles.
  3. Sit in the chair and keep your knees together. Twist your torso to the left and place your right hand to the left thigh. Take a deep breath and stay in that position for 15 seconds. Then repeat the same with your right side. Do this exercise at least three times.


Putting ice on the problem area can help relieve muscle soreness, reduce pain and inflammation. It can work pretty well especially after injury. You can use a cold pack for up to 20 minutes. If putting ice cubes on your shoulder or neck causes discomfort, place them inside the towel. If you don’t have ice, the cooled jar of peas can work as well.

Hot water bottle

Putting something hot can help in the case of a stiff shoulder. It can also help relieve tension in muscles. You can use a simple hot water bottle or heating pad.


You can take medication to ease the pain. For example, aspirin or acetaminophen can help cope with the shoulder injury. Keep in mind, before you start taking any medication, talk to your doctor first. It is necessary since different side effects may occur. You can try creams without a prescription. If you often experience pain in the neck, consider getting essential vitamins such as D, C, and B.

Compression for the shoulder

Compression for the shoulder

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Compression wraps help in case of the shoulder injury. You can buy elastic medical bandage in the pharmacy. Make sure it is not too tight. Otherwise, it can block blood flow. If you feel discomfort in the arm, you can loosen bandage. It is recommended to limit your physical activity in case you have compression.

Essential oils for the neck

Some essential oils have a soothing effect and can loosen up muscles and reduce the spasms. Choose among peppermint, marjoram, basil, and lavender. All of them can increase circulation, reduce inflammation and most important decrease pain. You can massage your neck with a mix of essential oils. If you like the smell, you can take a hot bath with a few drops of tea tree or lemon oils added.

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