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How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated – 2024 Guide

by Wilma Lucas

Human capital is a critical production factor in a company. That is why, as an entrepreneur or a CEO, you should do everything to keep your employees happy. Dissatisfied employees tend to perform less than the ones that are motivated. Improving job satisfaction and employee motivation can reduce turnover, absenteeism, and significantly enhance performance.

It is the role of the management to keep staff happy in the following ways.

1. Providing rewards and incentives

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One of the most effective ways of keeping workers motivated is through remuneration. Hirelings want to be treated fairly and rewarded for their job. The kind of salary you give your employees is an expression of how valuable you think they are. If a worker is providing value to your company, do not shy away from rewarding him as he deserves. In this light, you should also be considering other benefits. Click here for more information on social security benefits for disabled staff.

This will not only put you in the good graces of your employees but also protect your business from endless lawsuits and public scrutiny.

Hirelings thrive in an environment where employers value their input and well-being.

2. Recognize their progress

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That is why you should come up with a performance appraisal system. This will help in identifying where your employees stand in terms of performance. It will also help you in pointing out their strengths and weaknesses and designing strategies that will help them improve in a specific area.

While through performance appraisal, you get to note a worker’s progress, it is only effective if you use this information to recognize it. The more their progress is appreciated, the more they will be motivated to do better.

3. Create a conducive job environment

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The kind of environment your laborers stay in plays a role in their motivation. An environment with outdated machines, legacy processes, and poor hygiene can make personnel despise their jobs. It does not take much to create a conducive environment for your personnel. Ensure that the equipment they are using is updated, the offices are clean, and also install more windows to let in more natural light. Staff performs better when they are in a comfortable environment.

4. Allow your personnel to participate in decision making

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All of the decision-making meetings should not be reserved for the board. You can let your staff suggest days when you can be having certain meetings, among other things. Allowing your personnel to voice their opinions on different matters at the workplace will foster inclusivity. Is it important? Yes, it is. It creates a sense of ownership and motivates your personnel to contribute to achieving your organization’s objectives and growth of your business. Sidelining them will only make them feel that the company does not belong to them, which will only make them dissatisfied.

5. Training and development

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The other way you can motivate your employees is through training and development. It is the nature of human beings to learn new things and develop themselves. Employees want to understand better what your organization is about, and the niche you are in. They want to learn new skills that will help them be valuable players in a given niche.

Understanding and improvement in light of their will not only make them more productive and enhance their performance but also motivate them. It is, therefore, important as an employer, you provide them with learning opportunities. Creating a formal training program in your organization will make the employees see that you are preparing them to not only grow within the organization but also in your industry. The other way you can champion training and development in your organization is supporting your employees in their self-development plans. If they are looking to pursue higher learning, you can give them academic leaves or even support them financially by giving them loans for tuition fees.

6. Encourage breaks

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You do not have to give your employees a raise to keep them motivated. Simple and thoughtful acts, such as encouraging breaks during working hours, will do wonders. Working back to back will do your organization more harm than good when it comes to productivity.

Breaks can significantly reduce stress levels. Note that stress at the workplace is one of the primary reasons for attrition. By taking those lunch breaks, your employees will be able to manage stress, be happier at the workplace, and remain productive. Breaks increase productivity and lead to healthier workers.

How do you encourage breaks? It is pretty simple. The first step is by leading by example. Your employees will be more comfortable going for breaks if you are taking one. Therefore, staying stuck in your office the whole day will not help. Also, setting aside space at the office, specifically for breaks, will be encouraging. Talking to your employees about the importance of taking regular breaks will go a long way in making them put breaks more into consideration, and them being happy.

7. Encourage innovation

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Office environments where innovation is sensitized have more satisfied employees. Encouraging employees to be innovative will increase their job satisfaction, productivity, and overall performance of the organization. Through encouraging non-hierarchical management and leadership will motivate employees to be innovative. Note that employees thrive and get more creative in an environment where they are able to work with teams from different departments and management positions.

Open communication is also critical in this. Coming up with a digital suggestion box can enhance open communication and provide a platform where employees can present their innovative ideas and be heard. Retreats, specially structured for creativity, will also motivate your employees to think outside the box.

Seeing that they have an impact on the organization and their ideas are helping achieve the company’s objectives, they will take pride in it and be happy. This will result in job satisfaction and retention.

Ensuring that your staff is happy is key to achieving your organization’s goals and objectives. Create a conducive work environment, include them in decision making, and give fair remuneration and benefits.

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