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What Happens If You Leave A Wisdom Tooth Infection Untreated?

by Hana Riley

Your oral health receives a lot less attention than it deserves. We do not go to a dentist for regular checkups. Often the thought of a dentist comes to our minds once it is too late. Some people settle for OTC drugs and self-treat their oral issues rather than going for a dentist consultation.

If you are dealing with wisdom teeth, also known as Abscess, it is better to visit a dentist and get it treated; the sooner, the better. A wisdom tooth is the most painful oral health issue; it often accompanies high fever, headaches, toothache, and infection. There are chances that the teeth beside the infected tooth will also get affected.

Wisdom Teeth Infection will not be cured without the intervention of a dentist. There are times when you will have less pain, do not get fooled into thinking that the problem has been cured. The pain will incur when you expect the least. Furthermore, the consequences of untreated wisdom teeth infection are discussed below.

Consequences Of Untreated Wisdom Tooth Infection

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Modern medical science has evolved tremendously, and treating any kind of oral disease is relatively easy. If treated at the right time, you will not feel any hindrance in life or physical burden that the wisdom tooth might reflect. But if you have waited too long, there are chances that the infection can spread to the cheek, jawline., neck and beyond.

Some rare cases have witnessed that the infection has caused fatal consequences. The reason behind the fatality is that the infection has made its way to the bloodstream, brain and heart.

Thus, you must master the courage to visit a dentist if you face oral health issues.

How Can Wisdom Tooth Infections Be Treated?

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There is various process for treating a tooth infection. The condition of your problem and your health will decide how the dentist will treat your infection. Here are some standard processes that dentists might adapt to treat you:

Drainage And Incision:

In the initial stage of your problem, when the problem is not very grave, a dentist will insert an incision and drain the pus. This procedure will make the condition better and help your teeth to heal. Treating the issues with only antibiotics will not cure the problem.

Tooth Extraction:

In some complex cases, the dentist will extract the tooth. After removing the tooth, the dentist will drain the pus to follow different processes to cure the condition.

Root Canal:

In this process, the dentist will extract the inner pulp of the teeth along with the pus and fill the hollow space with material that will not cause any infection in the future.


Some cases might get better with medications. The dentist will check your oral issue and try to find the cause of it. Oral health issues might result from nutrient deficiency, improper oral care, eating too many sugary things, etc. Whatever might be the problem, a dentist will help you with medication and antibiotics to cure the infection.

Facts About Wisdom Teeth

No, you will not get wisdom if a wisdom tooth has decided to conjure up in your life. Rather, you will face a series of dentist visits, popping pills and procedures to get rid of them. However, here are some facts about wisdom teeth that might interest you:

  • They are the third molars that make their way through the gums.
  • According to statistics, about 35 in 100 people are born without wisdom teeth.
  • You should get your wisdom teeth removed. It will not take away your wisdom from you but will save you from unwanted health situations in the future.
  • Our ancestors were subjected to hunting and tearing unprocessed food, which might have created tooth gaps, allowing space for the wisdom teeth to grow. Our food habits have changed with time, and we much on more properly cut pieces of food. That allows no space for tooth gaps, causing the wisdom tooth to force its way, which is very painful.

Why Is It Important To Visit A Dentist Regularly?

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Oral health issues are something that you need to be more serious about. It is highly suggested that you make half-yearly visits to a dentist rather than only going to them when you are suffering. Here are some benefits that will help you understand the importance of regular dentist visits:

1. Save You From Future Harassment

Visiting a dentist is not only about getting your teeth checked. There is more to oral health. The dentist will look for any underlining symptoms that might lead to a huge problem in the future. They will check your gums and cheeks and look through the condition of your teeth. If you have any oral health issues, regular visits will ensure that the treatment gets started soon so that it does not take the shape of a huge problem.

2. Educate You On Oral Health

All of us are aware of the dental care hygiene that we must follow, like brushing our teeth twice a day and using dental floss and tongue cleaners. But depending on the oral health of an individual, there are certain personalized plans that you need to incorporate into your daily dental care routine. A dentist will help you make a dental care routine that will be most beneficial for your dental conditions.


If you are suffering from a wisdom tooth infection, we will suggest you go to your dentist without wasting time on self-treatment. As discussed in the article, treating wisdom tooth issues is not easy, and you need to hire professional help. A dentist will help you treat your issue with various procedures like tooth extraction, medication, root canal or incision.

You can avoid any severe oral health issues by visiting a dentist at regular intervals. Ensure that you do your part regarding the benefit of your health. For further healing, a definite is there to peep inside your problem.

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