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Let’s Dish the Dirt – Is It Safe to get Laser Hair Removal for Your Bikini Line?

by Skopje Macedonsko

While laser hair removal is a widely accepted form of getting rid of those pesky hairs, many women do find themselves wondering whether this procedure is safe for the bikini line area. The short answer: yes, it’s safe. The long answer: you need to know a few things before going in for this procedure! Keep reading to know what they are!

What happens during laser hair removal?

In laser hair removal, a concentrated beam of light is used to damage the hair follicle, leading to less hair production by the body. It can permanently reduce the amount of hair on the body, but will not necessarily get rid of all of it.

How does laser hair removal for the bikini line work?

The procedure for laser hair removal for the bikini line is quite similar to the way the procedure is conducted for the face or any other area. You cannot pluck, thread, shave, or wax the hair for at least 6 weeks before the procedure. During the procedure, a skilled technician will use the machine to blast hair follicles. Based on the way your first session goes, you will need additional sessions too. And after the procedure, you will be able to wear your Hauteflair bikini comfortably!

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Does it hurt?

Of course, you’re layering your bikini area – it’s not going to be a walk in the park. But most aestheticians and dermatologists offer cold numbing cream that reduces the intensity of the sensation to a light pinch. You can and you should make the most of this.

What are the side effects?

As is the case with any cosmetic procedure, there are a few side effects that you should be wary of. Laser treatment has a list of side effects that you should know about. Some of these include scarring, burns, discoloration or pigmentation, and acne. However, here’s something to keep in mind – the parts of your body that are not exposed to the sun are less likely to experience side effects, so your bikini area should ideally be protected from side effects.

How can you minimize the risk of side effects?

While no professional can prevent side effects, there is one sure-shot way of minimizing the risk of side effects, and that is by getting in touch with qualified dermatologists who specialize in full-body laser hair removal to perform this procedure – click here for more information. Dermatologists are doctors who specialize in skincare, which is why they are the ideal people to perform this procedure for you. You can also understand whether your skin can handle such cosmetic procedures, as well as knowing whether you need to take certain precautions after the procedure to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

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What results can you expect?

Don’t go into laser treatments expecting completely hairless skin for life. Such results only come after 6-12 treatments, which is why you’re more likely to see the thinning of hair, rather than the total removal of the same. You’ll also notice that the hair takes longer to grow back and is easier to manage with the help of shaving.

It is safe to get multiple laser hair removal procedures if that is what you are aiming for. But, you must consult with your dermatologist about the same as different people have different skin types and needs.

If you’re planning to get the hair in your bikini line removed, then get in touch with a dermatologist but make sure you consult the right skin specialist by researching well online and checking their client ratings & reviews.

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