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Medical Paper and Plastic Packaging Bags

by Skopje Macedonsko

The main function of the aseptic packaging material is to allow the passage of air and sterilizing media (such as steam), as well as to provide a biological barrier to the sterile article, thereby ensuring that the sterilized article remains in transit for a certain period of time during transfer and storage. Aseptic. The packaging materials for sterile articles used in our disinfection supply centers mainly include cotton cloth, crepe paper, paper-plastic packaging bags, non-woven fabrics and rigid container boxes.

According to kmnbz.com, during the selection of sterile packaging materials, each hospital supply room or disinfection supply center is mainly based on its ease of use, aseptic storage period and price.

The medical paper-plastic packaging bag is made of a special layer of paper and a PET-PP plastic composite film which is heat-sealed and is both breathable and transparent. The transparent plastic film has a sterilization indicator on one side to indicate whether it has been sterilized.

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The medical paper-plastic packaging bag needs to be sealed at both ends by a special heat-sealing machine when used. The disadvantage is that one side is ventilated, and some articles (metal instruments, surgical lampshades) are prone to condensed water during sterilization and need to be verified.  The effective aseptic storage period of the sterile articles packaged in general medical paper-plastic bags is 6 months. The specific sterility guarantee time shall be subject to the statement issued by the manufacturer.

The loading method of the medical paper-plastic packaging bag is that the paper-to-plastic vertical separation gap is placed because the paper is placed perpendicular to the gap and it has a slightly higher wet packing ratio in the vertical gap of the paper, and it is flat. Placement or paper-to-plastic stacking is prone to sterilization failure such as wet packs.

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