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Top 7 Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation – 2024 Guide

by Skopje Macedonsko

Inflammation is a condition that we have all faced a few times in our lives. As you know, it isn’t anything serious. It’s just a way that your body notifies the immune system that something is wrong and that it needs help healing. There are numerous ways that inflammation can manifest itself, everything from a sore throat and muscles to red, painful spots on the skin.

Oftentimes, inflammation is a consequence of some autoimmune disease which means that this chronic pain is frequently present. Not only can it be quite annoying, but in some severe cases, it can affect one’s quality of life. Due to this reason, people use different methods to relieve this pain, and in the following article, we are going to mention some of them.

1. Essential oils

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We are going to start with these because, well, it is really hard to avoid them these days. Besides their wonderful smell and relaxing effect, these can also reduce the inflammation. There are multiple kinds of these oils and some of the most popular ones are thyme, lavender, turmeric, ginger, and so on. You can learn about the healing properties of each of these, and some others, on aromatherapy.press.

Furthermore, since this pain can occur in any part of your body, essential oils can be used in different manners. First of all, there is a massage. This way you can apply the oil directly to the sore area of the body. Secondly, you can purchase an essential oil diffuser that is going to dispense these particles into the air, around the room. This way, you will inhale it which is also going to help you relax, alongside alleviating the pain.

2. Change your diet

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It is a fact that numerous health issues, at least those that are not severe, can be treated by diet modification. Not only should you stop consuming junk and processed food, but you should also ensure that your plate is always colorful. What are we talking about?

Firstly, increase the intake of green vegetables. These are very rich in magnesium, a mineral that, generally speaking, people do not consume enough of. People who suffer from chronic inflammation usually have low levels of magnesium.

Moreover, eat red, blue, and purple food. These contain an antioxidant called anthocyanins. One study showed that people who eat these on a regular, daily basis, have lower levels of a certain protein that is used to check the inflammatory activity. Instead of eating a chocolate bar for a snack, make a simple fruit salad, and you are all good.

Finally, don’t forget about the nuts. These are high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber. You should incorporate walnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts into your diet.

3. Drink green tea

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We all know how beneficial tea made of different herbs can be for us. Nevertheless, when talking about inflammations and chronic pain, green tea should be the number one on the list of those that you consume. Why? Well, just like some of the previously mentioned types of food, this tea contains multiple antioxidants that can help with this condition.

What’s more, since it contains caffeine, you can start drinking it instead of your morning cup of coffee. But this is only in case you are not strongly dependent on this energizing beverage.

4. Try yoga

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If you have never done yoga before, now it is the time to start. Yes, many people engage in this activity to relax both their body and mind after a stressful period. But, there is one thing that many do not know. This activity doesn’t only provide instantaneous relief, but it also changes that way your body deals with stress and increases the production of an anti-inflammatory hormone called adiponectin. Naturally, this is only true if you practice yoga on a regular basis, a few times a week.

In addition, there was another piece of research, a few years ago. This one showed that women, who engage in this activity, at least twice a week, have lower levels of the above-mentioned protein that is observed as a marker for the inflammatory process.

5. Get enough sleep

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Even though the lack of sleep cannot be the only cause of inflammation, it certainly can contribute to it. If you have had a few sleepless nights, you will probably be okay after getting much necessary sleep. However, when this turns into insomnia, problems will arise.

It is quite simple, our body and mind need sleep. If you do not have enough time to rest, you will become prone to mood changes, depression, and will have a hard time dealing with stress. As you can assume, stress is one of the main causes of inflammation, which is why you have to learn how to keep it under control.

6. Lower stress levels

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Yes, we know, this is easier said than done, but still, you have to find an activity that works for you. We have already mentioned yoga that has numerous benefits for the body. Then, you can pursue your hobbies. Once again, these can include anything, from painting and drawing to writing and composing, whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

7. Start exercising

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Next, you can start exercising. It is scientifically proven that obesity has a disastrous effect on our bodies. Not only can it cause some serious illnesses, but it can also contribute to that chronic pain we are talking about. What’s more, sedentary people i.e. those who spend the biggest part of their day sitting down, are at the highest risk of inflammation. Unfortunately, a lot of people spend their days working on a computer nowadays, but this is the main reason why you should start your own fitness routine.

It doesn’t have to be anything vigorous meaning that you don’t have to go to the gym immediately if you don’t want to. Instead, you can go bike riding with your family. If you enjoy spending time on your own, why not go brisk walking? If you want to push yourself a bit, you can start jogging a few times a week early in the morning.

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