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Top Five Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products

by Skopje Macedonsko

There are some ingredients you should avoid whenever that’s possible. And here are five that can be quite harmful and that often appear in beauty products.

1. Parabens

Other names: Parabens consist of ethyl, butyl, methyl, propyl elements or any word with “paraben” as the suffix in the ingredient list.

Parabens are commonly found in moisturizer, lotion, foundation body wash, face cleanser, shampoo, shaving gel, makeup, and spray tan.

Use: Parabens are used as preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast or molds in makeup products. That sounds right. Yes? They do more than that. Parabens are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, less testosterone, and decreased sperm count. Parabens mimic estrogen properties. Parabens appear to spur the growth of cancerous breast cell even in tiny amounts. Recent studies show in Breast cancer tumors biopsied, found cancerous cells to have traces of Parabens.

Isopropyl and isobutyl are types of Parabens that may disrupt the endocrine system and hormone mechanism in our bodies thus leading to reproductive and developmental disorders. As a precaution always, shop for products with paraben-free labels.

2.  Phthalates

Other names: These are DBP, DEHP, and DEP

Phthalates are mainly used in cosmetic and care products such as nail polish, hair spray, synthetic fragrance deodorants, perfumes/colognes, hair sprays, and moisturizers

The Phthalates is a chemical group used to increase flexibility and softness of plastics. They are plasticizing chemicals; they are used to make fragrances stick to the skin and makeup product pliable.

DBP, DEHP, DEP are endocrine disrupts and may cause birth defects. Phthalates are also linked to headaches, increased risk of breast cancer,  early development of breast in girls and respiratory problems.

They also affect nail salon workers and clients who frequently get pedicures and manicures. Phthalates are so bad that pregnant women are advised not to use nail products altogether. Unfortunately, Phthalates are not disclosed in some of the products and is always listed as a secret formula.

Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products

source: nearsay.com

3. Triclosan

Other names: Lexol 300, cloxifenolum, Irgasan DP-300, Ster-Zac,

Triclosan is an essential antibiotic used in hand sanitizer and antibacterial products. It is also found in deodorants, toothpaste and antibacterial soaps

Nevertheless, Triclosan causes hormonal disruption, bacterial resistance, impairs muscle function impairs immune function and increase allergies, bacterial resistance.

Studies show that Triclosan makes the bacteria antibiotic resistant. Amusingly there is not a substantial benefit of washing the face with antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan over regular soap and water.

Triclosan is an endocrine disruptor meaning it disturbs thyroid, estrogen and testosterone regulation. This leads to issues of early puberty, infertility, obesity, and cancer and decreases sperm quality. Children exposed to Triclosan have an increased risk of developing asthma, eczema, and allergies. Triclosan kills bacteria and fungus but comes at a big cost. It is a resilient chemical that washes off our bodies into rivers and drinking water. People and fish have it in the body. It reacts with chlorine and ozone to create toxic dioxins.  To avoid Triclosan effects, use natural antibacterial products like the tea tree oil.

4. Perfume/ Fragrance

Other names: Parfum or aroma.

Fragrance is a combination of dozens of chemicals mixed together to come with a particular smell. Unfortunately, chemicals used to make fragrances do not have to be listed on the label. Hence, the dangers lurking behind the perfume is unknown. As a precaution always avoid synthetic fragrances unless it natural fragrances like pure essential oils. Some synthetic fragrances cause allergic reactions and are hormone disrupters. Some also cause dermatitis and lung disease.

Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products

source: yogajournal.com

5. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is mostly found in body washes, conditioners, nail polish, hair dye, hair straightener, adhesive shampoos, cleansed and eye shadow.

Formaldehyde is a preservative in many cosmetic products that are used to prevent bacterial growth. First of all, formaldehyde is deemed as carcinogenic as it affects the immune system. It also causes skin reactions. It is linked to nasal and nasopharyngeal cancers.

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