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7 Ways to Ease & prevent neck or back pain

by Skopje Macedonsko

Stress relief, work-life balance, and overall mental health are the essentials of life. Our robotic life has made us prone to the back pain, whiplash injury and neck strain. Whiplash injury is common these days and it is not just about the car accident anymore. We are stuck with the Systems for a complete day and everyday life is revolving around the electronic devices. These devices directly affect our eyes and cause strain in the neck or sitting positions to create stiffness in the back. According to Harvard whiplash post, you need to practice some simple exercises to avoid such pain. In case of severe pain, one must contact the chiropractor for back pain or to know the impact of a whiplash injury.

Here are some simple and easy exercises or precautions to reduce your strain and strengthen your shoulders, neck, and wrists.

1.   Walk after every 10 minutes

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If you spend your whole day in front of the screen. Give yourself a rest and take a walk after every 5 minutes. There are other benefits to it too. You can connect with other people in your surroundings and build a great bonding while your body will get a rest.

2.   Watch out for your sitting and lying position while using a device

Get a chair that is set to the position of your eyes so, you can see properly. Also, don’t keep your laptop or tablet on the lap. Instead, put it on the table or a pillow.

3.   Keep your eyewear prescription up-to-date

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If you are using glasses, keep checking for your eyesight. Keep it up to date for the confirmation that neck pain is not due to the weak eyesight. So, in this case, you must consult an eye specialist.

4.   Press your forehead with palms

If you are in an office and feeling a headache or pain. Put your elbows on the desk, press your forehead slightly and release it. Repeat this for 5 minutes, and you will feel a little relief. If the neck strain persists, take a short break and let your muscles relax for the time.

5.   Stay Hydrated

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Do not let your water bottle go empty. Plus, shower daily. Your body is always in a need of water, and half of the stress is caused due to dehydration. So, stay hydrated.

6.   Be careful about your pillow

Do not use too many pillows. Have the one that is soft and according to your neck position. If you are still having pain, get to know about the impact of a whiplash injury from a therapist. Usually, the injury is because of your disturbing sitting or sleeping position.

7.   Get a neck massage

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Neck massage is essential for people working on computers. They directly interact with the screen and highly affected by it. So, neck massages every week, or a month will bring relief to you.

Final Thoughts

According to Harvard whiplash post, daily meditation or simple exercises can help you prevent the injury. Routines are different, and we need to move on with wisdom. So, spare some time for a daily walk and mediation and avoid these strains in the back and neck.

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