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6 Fun Pool Games For Kids To Have Some Poolside Fun

by Gerald Hester

Water is a great way to cool off on hot days and get some exercise. It’s also the perfect place to play a variety of fun games that you and your kids can enjoy together. Here are our top picks for pool games and activities:

1. Underwater Treasure Hunt

This game is great for kids ages 5 and older. You will need a few items to play, including:

  • A bucket or bowl of water (can be filled with water from the pool or bathtub)
  • Foil-wrapped chocolate coins (if you don’t have any, you can use dollar bills)
  • Goldfish crackers and/or other treats that sink easily when they are wet

2. Relay Races

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Relay races are a great option because they can be played with just about any type of pool toy. You can use the pool deck as your base or even create an obstacle course on land before going into the water.

Relay races also offer fun for all ages, as they allow you to have teams made up of 2-4 people. The best part is that playing relay races makes it easy for everyone to have a turn at being “it”!

Playing games like these will help your child develop their coordination and fine motor skills, which are important skills to learn at this age.

3. Balloon Keep Away

This is a simple game that can be played by kids of all ages. You will need one or more balloons and a large open space with not too many obstacles.

First, you need to designate one person as the “balloon keeper” (or just call them the “keeper”). The keeper stands in the center of your playing area and holds onto his or her balloon. All other players stand around at least 8 feet away from him/her. Each player tries to catch and hold onto his/her own balloon without getting tagged by another player who is trying to steal it! If you get tagged, then you become a new “keeper” with your own balloon! If there are multiple people playing at once, then have each player start with their own color-coded balloon so you know which person has which color (e.g., red vs blue).

4. Race to the Top

Source: countryliving.com

  • How to play: The game can be played by kids of all ages, though it’s probably the most fun for the younger set. Players stand in a line on one side of the pool, about three feet apart from each other.
  • What you need: Two or more participants; a blow-up toy to use as a marker (if you don’t have one handy, just use something that floats); and plenty of water!
  • What you do: Each player must place his or her hands on top of their head as if making an “X” with their arms. Then, they drop underwater and swim toward the floating toy until they reach it–but only one person can grab it at once! If someone else grabs it before you get there or if any part of your body touches another player’s during the race, then that means they’ve won and you lose! The first person who grabs hold of their prize wins overall—and may choose another winner based on how quickly he/she made it there first.

If no one wins after several tries (or if everyone keeps losing), try setting up two or three different starting points next time and see who gets closest to grabbing hold first! You’ll find yourself having fun while practicing good sportsmanship skills as well!”

5. Pool Noodle Jousting

Pool noodle jousting is a fun game that can be played with any number of kids. Here’s how you do it:

  • Cut your pool noodles down to the size and shape of swords. You may want to trim off some of the rubbery ends so they don’t fly around too much and hurt someone (but leave at least 2 inches for safety). A sharp kitchen knife works well for this task, but if you don’t have one handy just ask an adult for help.
  • Mark two lines across your deck or patio so that players stand on opposite sides from each other with their feet at each end of their respective lines (or wherever else seems fair). Each player gets three tries at knocking his opponent off balance—the first two hits count as one try; after two hits have been made, both players stand up straight again until only one hit remains in order to keep play moving quickly and avoid injuries caused by falling over during gameplay! If anyone falls into the water while playing then they are automatically out!

6. Volleyball

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Volleyball is a classic summer game that’s fun and easy to play. Make sure you have a net set up, then organize your players into teams of two or more. The players on the same team standing next to each other and can pass the ball back and forth between them. You can use either a volleyball or a balloon for this game—just make sure it’s not too heavy for your child before they take their turn!

There are lots of ways you can play volleyball: on land or in water, with just two people or as many as you want!


If you’re looking for ways to entertain your kids while at the pool, this article has a few ideas. There is no doubt that swimming pools are great fun and they can help keep kids cool during the summer months. Whether you are spending time in the pool as a family or with friends, these games will ensure everyone has a good time. The best part is that many of these activities require only minimal equipment so you don’t have to worry about buying anything expensive or complicated. For example, “tipping” does not require any special materials such as water guns or balls—just some creativity!


It’s important to remember that kids love playing games and they are always looking for new ones to try. If you want a fun way to teach your kids how to play pool then these games are perfect!

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