Home Economics Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I cancel my health insurance?”

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I cancel my health insurance?”

by Dustin Cortright

“Can I cancel my health insurance?” is a question asked by many for various reasons. However, is it possible? It actually is, and in this article, we will tell you how exactly.

A Guide to Cancelling Your Health Insurance

Health insurance companies want you to think that your policy cannot be canceled until the day you die. Some do have strict policies that practically make it a nightmare to cancel, it is perfectly possible to cancel your health insurance, even if the provider tries to make it seem otherwise.

You probably know insurers often tend to keep their patients tied to the policy through fear instead of honest facts. When you understand your rights, you will know that canceling the policy is possible, as well as potentially the best option for your healthcare needs at certain points. Gain knowledge on how to cancel medical coverage to free yourself from the predators that are health insurance companies.

Can You Cancel Your Health Insurance Policy At Any Time?

Why do people believe they cannot cancel their policies? Perhaps some of them tried and were therefore met with threats, fines and warnings of what may happen once they are uninsured. This is unfortunate enough to sway away many people committed to the worst possible insurance policies.

The important thing here is that it is possible to cancel your policy. If you are under a Marketplace plan, it depends on how many people are on the policy. The termination can be effective after 14 days of the cancellation request. Some fees are possible for any number of months you are uninsured, but exemptions to this are also sometimes there.

Firing Your Provider

In addition, if you hire an attorney who does not do research on your case and then provides faulty advice while charging exorbitant fees, would you want his services again? Of course not, so why should insurance companies be any different? The providers often charge ridiculous premiums in exchange for minimal coverage and inaccessible health care options.

If you find yourself here, it is high time you started researching other options. Start by canceling your current health insurance provider. The cancellation routine depends for every individual insurer, but you can most often do it by contacting your provider via phone or through your online account.

Can I cancel my health insurance?

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Discover the Alternatives

When you finally ditch your policy, you will need a new and trusty provider who is a partner and not a predator. This is however easier said than done.

O’NA HealthCare™ is here for you, as they aim to simply serve the patients. They will connect you with the health care coverage you want or need without any complications and stress.

Their non-profit co-operative system gives the power to you, while the high deductible catastrophic plans make your health care convenient and accessible. You can choose from plans for conventional, holistic, and naturopathic care.

Manage Your Health on Your Terms

Healthcare is never, and should never be a one-size-fits-all thing. Most insurers sadly pick this road exactly, when providing coverage to patients. You should be the one to manage everything on your own terms, and invest in a plan that covers only the care you want. You can do that with O’NA.

Their policies are far beyond the standard and conventional health care, also covering solutions that are naturopathic and holistic. If you perhaps need treatments like homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, or reiki, find a plan that includes them and many other nontraditional options. Because youa re the one who can best manage your own health, they give you all the freedom in creating a policy that best suits you.

Break Away From the System

You should never settle to be the victim of a health insurance policy that benefits your provider more than yourself. The system relies on this awful dynamic to trap patients in a cycle of terrible service.  Break away from it and discover the freedom of a fully customizable policy.

O’NA provides a year-round 365-day enrollment and a wide variety of plans to choose from. You will no longer be at the mercy of a frustrating and expensive predator company. You deserve the best, so why not go with the best as soon as possible.

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