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Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

by Dustin Cortright

Imagine having your blood drawn and tested to determine if what you eat is causing you to be overweight (even if you do not overeat). Perhaps what you are eating is triggering your migraines, ADHD, arthritis, digestive problems, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, IBS, eczema, sinus problems, allergies and/or another condition(s). Eating healthy (as in caloric intake) is one thing; but eating in accordance with your own unique, genetically determined biochemical makeup is something else altogether!

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Finding out what foods are right (and which aren’t) for you, is the key to health and performance. 1Foods that are compatible with your physiological makeup will increase your strength, energy, and as a side effect, can cause you to shed unwanted pounds (there are case studies to support this claim).

It is a very intriguing concept. Many families struggle with children that have ADHD and end up placing them on medication. It is possible to avoid the pharmaceutical route if you find out that your child is consuming something that is causing – or exacerbating – the problem. It could be something as simple as oats that is triggering their symptoms.  Think about it: oats are in many items throughout the grocery store – bread, cereal, crackers, whole grain pasta and more.

If you are someone that suffers from terrible migraines, just think what a relief it would be to find out it is due to parsley.  Who would suspect that innocent, green, breath-freshening, a garnish of choice parsley could possibly have such a sinister effect? Parsley is found in a multitude of products and recipes such as soups, pasta sauce, salad dressing, etc.

Change Your Life

source: happyecho.com

I can personally attest to these findings, as I am a case study.  For years I had been struggling with stomach problems and did not know what was wrong. Different doctors continued to order different tests and the results came in as normal or inconclusive, but my issues persisted.

It was recommended by my physician, Dr. Edwin Lee, founder of The Institute for Hormonal Balance in Orlando, Florida, to take a blood test to determine if I had any food allergies/intolerances. I ended up having quite a few.  My immune system was compromised due to food intolerances causing stomach problems.  I stopped taking proton pump inhibitors, a medication for GERD/ulcers, and begin to heal myself naturally.

Certain immune chemicals with names like Interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha will block insulin receptors on your muscle, brain and liver cells. This is a recently discovered finding made by medical scientists, which explains why food intolerance could be a cause of some people’s obesity. The muscle cells are starved of important energy material which is instead stored as fat in fat cells. 2 Symptoms are dose related, chronic and delayed. Consequently, most people are unaware of their food intolerances.

Offending food may be tolerable until a chemical occurring naturally or as an additive within the food exceeds a certain threshold. The modern diet is very complex; it is riddled with processed foods, additives, hormones, dyes, and chemicals.  This certainly isn’t what our ancestors were exposed to and we haven’t had time to adapt. Hence, even “normal” foods may be simply ‘unfamiliar’ to us, from a genetic point of view, and aggravate the immune system.

The good thing about the process to cure one’s self is that it is temporary. I needed to eliminate some of the foods from my diet for three months, while other foods I needed to remove for six months. The test results give you a list of foods that your body is receptive to (that it likes).  I started focusing on good foods.  There are no calorie limits with these plans.  I could not believe the amount of energy that I regained after going on this diet. I slept better, lost seven pounds and am in better shape than when I used to run marathons. As a result, my entire family has taken the test and we are now more health conscious when we are buying foods.

The importance of eating “the wrong/right foods” is astounding as it relates to the many disease states mentioned above.  By simply eliminating a particular food for a certain period of time, you give your body time to heal.  This doesn’t mean that you can never eat these “wrong foods” ever again.  It is when the body has an overabundance of the agents in its diet that our overall health can decline.  If we give our body time to heal, we can re-introduce, although cautiously, these foods occasionally back into our diet(s).

There are about four foods I choose to still avoid, but I am back to selectively dining upon every other one of the “wrong foods” that I was advised against consuming. Interestingly enough, it has changed my life forever because I am now choosing to not eat some of the “ok” foods because I like the way I feel without them and have lost the craving for them – like chocolate. I am not alone. Cell Science Systems, an international company that produced the results, has an innumerable amount of testimonials that are similar to mine.

Change Your diet

source: thestephaneandre.com

As founder of a national pharmacy benefit consulting firm, ARMSRx, we see many employers’ drug costs escalating and many are due to chronic disease states mentioned earlier.  Prescriptions are a Band-Aid, not a cure.  Food elimination can be a cure and may – in many cases – remove the need for prescription drugs. Our firm has decided to review these targeted disease states and provide analysis to our clients looking for savings opportunities.

My autoimmune numbers reduced within three months of changing my diet. We were so convinced with actual validation that I decided to have my company collaborate with Cell Science Systems and developed a group discounted wellness program for employers to implement for their employees (i.e. PreviLEAN). Weight loss is imminent (yes imminent) for people who follow the three- and six-month guideline. Most of our employees and their families have taken the test and are now walking/talking testimonials.

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