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Health Benefits of Golf

by Skopje Macedonsko

The new disease is called “at work.” Sounds familiar, right? The necessity for constantly building our career at the office and the fast pace of life has distracted us from the goal we all share, our free time and health. The moment we recognize the fact that we have put ourselves in the second place when compared to our career is only the first step towards the solution. The next step, when we take adequate actions is crucial to our personal happiness and health.

Choosing the right hobby or sport to fill out our free time and restart our life is something we should devote time to. If you are faced with this dilemma, you are not the only one. You need to take in mind that, you are also choosing the environment and even the group of people you will be spending time with and not only a hobby. Clean air, pleasant atmosphere with positive energy and people can be found if you know where to look.

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Perhaps you have never thought about it but golf can be a perfect sport for you. This activity has been associated with prestige through history and it is now accessible to all of us. The green course you go to, the battle with your mind and abilities against the opponent with a pleasant attitude are just some things that will be beneficial to us all. The relaxing feeling when you are outside and participating in an activity you find joyous cannot be compared to any other feeling.

The beauty of golf is that we can compete against ourselves. Whether you have decided to enter the game of golf or you are thinking of it, you will need high-quality equipment and for that, we suggest you take a look at the best fairway woods 2019. In that way, you will be ready from the start. These are a few suggestions to have in your pocket for the upcoming season.

When you enter the world of golf having more options to choose from is crucial in deciding for the best fairway woods, suitable for the place you are going. We will start with Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Fairway Wood used in recent driver models, with the famous nickname “Jailbreak.”  Callaway Rogue “Jailbreak” is full of technology and represents a pair of titanium bars inside the club that connect the crown of the head to the sole, increases stability and speed with impact with a more significant portion of the face. It is equipped with features such as High launch, low spin, New, ultra-thin and springy carpenter 455 steel face, Lightweight carbon crown frees up weight to be redistributed to where it counts, Cup Face design adds more consistent flexing across the front, Jailbreak technology.

Callaway Golf 2017 Great Big Bertha Men’s Epic Fairway is a similar tool to the previous to assist you in your game. The ultra-light triaxial carbon crown is the mark of the Callaway Epic fairway wood, more weight is put low and in the perimeter of the club because the head is 78% lighter than steel. Most noticeable features are Dual weight ports on the sole of the Sub Zero version, which also can be swapped for fine-tuning purposes, Uses a Speed Step crown to aid in aerodynamics, Adjustable hosel to allow modifications of set-up, Face Cup technology, which gives the Epic its playability and forgiveness.

Health Benefits of Golf

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Ping Golf G400 Men’s Fairway Wood has taken a change in the improvement in performance when compared to the previous Ping G model. The steel crown is now only 0.48 mm thick, the saved weight was placed low to improve the results of the off-center hits and the higher launch angles as well. It is enriched with features such as Thin face to enhance forgiveness on off-center hits, Works well from all types of lies, Maraging steel face results in high ball speeds, with lots of options with a wide variety of lofts to choose from.

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