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Health Insurance Alternatives You Can Consider

by Dustin Cortright

Many Americans are trying to find a way to have health insurance that is cheaper than traditional health insurance.

Health insurance alternatives are getting more and more popular among Americans, and we are going to show you some options that you might consider getting.

   A Medical Cost-Sharing Program

You may want to be a part of the Medi-Share program. That’s a program where you pay a monthly fee, and medical cost is paid with the pooled fees. If you are a member of this program, you may have some discounts, and the monthly fee is way less than the traditional health insurance.

But there are some things that are excluded, like abortion or birth control. And that’s because most of these programs are run by faith-based organizations. This is a good alternative to traditional health insurance and it costs less.

   A High-Deductible Policy

This type of policy is popular among young adults that are in general good health, and it covers only unexpected major injury or catastrophic illness.

In case of a catastrophic illness or a major injury, your costs are going to be minimum. This policy is a low-premium policy and if you know that you are not going to need medical care often it is perfect for you.

   A Primary Care Membership

Another alternative is a primary care membership, and you can get one at an independent medical practice. You are paying a monthly fee, and you get unlimited doctor visits, blood tests, pediatric care, and all the usual services from a primary care physician.

But this type of membership doesn’t cover specialist care, hospitalization, major injury treatment or surgery. You can combine this membership with some other health insurance policies that cover catastrophic illness or injury, like high-deductible policy.

   A Health Savings Account

This type of account can help you cover some medical expenses and can offer you tax advantages. This type of plan is also usually combined with some other health insurance plan which covers catastrophic illness or injury, like a high-deductible policy that we mentioned earlier.

If you choose to use this type of plan you are not going to get a tax penalty for withdrawing money if you are paying medical expenses. You can set it up as an individual or through your employer.

   A Medical Services Discount Card

If you prefer to pay your medical costs with cash, you can use many medical discount cards that are available. There are many discount cards, for prescriptions only, for hospital services, or for physicians.

With these discount cards, you can save a lot. And you can get them with a monthly fee, a one-time fee or even free. But there are some things that you can’t do with the discount cards, or you need to use the services of a doctor from a specified network.

The most important thing is that you can use most of these cards for dental services and taking into consideration that dental services are very expensive, it’s a great opportunity. You can combine these discount cards with high-deductible plans, for catastrophic illness or injury.

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