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7 Healthy Habits You Should Add to Your Daily Routine – 2024 Guide

by Skopje Macedonsko

Having healthy habits is vital to lead a healthy life and feel good in our day to day, regardless of our age. There are many ways to take care of our body to keep fit and with this, enjoy a better physical condition, good appearance and more energy when doing any activity.

What we describe below are general habits. If you suffer from any health problem, we recommend you consult a specialist.

1. Reduce your stress and anxiety levels

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Stress is a natural way for the body to react to specific situations. Especially those situations that are beyond your control as a new experience, a challenge or a trauma. However, if your body is under continuous stress for an extended period of time, this can lead to physical and mental problems. For example, what is clinically known as chronic stress?

So when you’re not working, try not to spend most of your time watching and reading news. Doing so can generate more anxiety than you will already have about all the problems and in the long run that can take its toll.

Try to occupy your time and mind in doing things that help you relax and distract yourself. You can start practicing yoga, pilates, meditation, mindfulness or breathing exercises. These types of activities will help you focus your anxiety and stress, making you feel much better.

2. Follow a balanced diet, prioritizing fruits and vegetables

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We know that many things interfere with our usual daily routine, including your healthy eating habits. Most likely, you will choose to eat those french fries that you like so much. Or that you eat until you get fed up with your favorite cookies. But avoid processed foods and those that contain saturated fat and added sugars. It does not contribute any good to your health, it only increases your cholesterol level.

Make sure to include olive oil and foods rich in fiber and vitamins A, B6, C, D and E in your meals. For example, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts. This type of food increases the intestinal flora and promotes the health of the intestinal microbiota.

And if taking care of your diet is one of the healthy habits that is hardest for you to keep up and you need a boost, you can try making a plan of detox food smoothies from time to time. They contain 100% natural and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals, nuts and protein that you need to contribute to your body so that you enjoy good health. Furthermore, these smoothies do not contain lactose, gluten, preservatives or colorants, nor added sugars.

3. Practice regularly

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Doing any type of physical activity is another of the quintessential healthy habits that you should include in your routine. Among other things, because one of the many benefits it provides is the activation of the immune system. Regular exercise practice helps mobilize so-called T cells, a type of white cell that protects the body from infection.

Move the body, not only to lose weight and improve your physical appearance, it also moves the body for your health. Your body needs it to be stronger and protected. And you don’t even have to spend time going to the gym. You can do a great workout at home, using home workout equipment and a training program created by your trainer. Click here to see what fitness equipment is available for home workouts.

4. Stop smoking

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This is a must-do if you really want to start and maintain a good lifestyle and have iron health. And we already know that being locked up at home during pandemic does not help much, but you can take advantage of the occasion as a perfect opportunity to quit smoking.

Tobacco contains toxic substances that seriously affect the activity of our body’s immune system. Which reduces the effectiveness and function of your defenses a lot. All this causes you to be more vulnerable to suffering from any type of disease.

5. Sleep 7 to 8 hours

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Experts recommend sleeping 7 to 8 hours, which is the time the body needs to rest and recharge for the next day. Lack of sleep increases the chances that our body cannot properly defend itself against possible infections.

While we sleep, our immune system produces a series of cells and antibodies in charge of fighting the multiple infections that surround us. So sleeping and resting well is a healthy habit necessary for good health.

During a pandemic, you may find it hard to get sleep, since you don’t have the same tiredness as before and you don’t spend the same energy. Therefore, try to stay active during the day and avoid using the smartphone before bed. And since the pandemic is at its end and we are getting back to normal life, you will be more tired again.

6. Moderate coffee consumption

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If you are a coffee lover, this may be impossible, but this drink is not the most appropriate always, much more if we have anxiety. Consuming more coffee will make us more nervous and active than we should and that will further increase anxiety.

Better choose tea and / or herbal teas, they will give you the energy you need without the powerful effect of coffee.

7. Drink water

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Drinking water every day will help us to have better functioning of our body and good health. The consumption of water facilitates digestion, eliminates toxins, accelerates the work of metabolism, maintains healthy skin and hair, among others. It is recommended to drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach and another 6 glasses of water during the day to complete a total of 8 glasses of water daily.


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Currently, it is very easy to fall into negative habits since the market facilitates access to many products that are harmful to health. It is very important to avoid this type of habit since without knowing it we can seriously affect our body and as a consequence, we can develop a serious disease.

In summary, maintaining these healthy habits can help us improve our quality of life. We recommend that you carry them out as much as possible.

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