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Plasma Donation: Benefits, Guide, Facts

by Skopje Macedonsko

We have all heard about the benefits of donating blood, but the phrase ‘plasma donation’ might sound new to you.

The matrix of the blood is called plasma. It constitutes 57% of the entire blood volume, and therefore it is also the largest component of the blood.

Plasmapheresis – The process of donating plasma is called plasmapheresis. In this process, blood is first extracted out into a vessel that has anti-coagulant in it. After that plasma is separated, the rest of the blood is inserted back into the body of the donor. And if you are a new Donor, you can make use of CSL Plasma coupons.

What are the Benefits of Donating Plasma?

There are various reasons why donating plasma is good. The benefits of donating plasma are enumerated below

Donating Plasma is Healthy

Yes, you heard it right. Donating plasma is indeed healthy. A study by Grifols in the year 2012 has found out that, plasmapheresis on a monitored basis can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) in people who have high cholesterol levels. Hence, plasmapheresis is considered good for the heart.

Plasma Donation: Benefits, Guide, Facts

source: savingadvice.com

Donating Plasma can Save Lives

Patients who are suffering from severe immune diseases require plasma in for surviving.

Patients who are fighting blood cancer (leukemia) require plasma transplant too.

In cases of severe shocks and burns too, plasma is required for the patients on an immediate basis.

You can Earn Money by Donating Plasma

You can make anything between $40 to $70 on a single donation. The actual sum depends on the time taken by the entire procedure.

Typically, a person would require an hour to go through the entire procedure, but first-time donors might require a little above 90 minutes.

The World Needs More Plasma Donors

The requirement for plasma is on a rise, every year, there are thousands of cases registered that require plasma transplant. You can save a life by donating plasma. One donation by you can save a whole family from devastation. Plasma donation is a humanitarian act, same as blood donation.

Plasma Donation: Benefits, Guide, Facts


The procedure of donating plasma is safe

Authorized centers will thoroughly check your eligibility as a donor first; they will check your age, body weight, hemoglobin and protein levels before proceeding. They will ensure your health before plasma donation.

Do not worry about hygiene or infections. They will use a fresh needle to collect plasma and centers sterilize every other object that might cause an infection.

Precautions You Must Take

  • You Must be 18 years of age in order to be a plasma donor
  • If you are eligible for donating plasma only if you weigh more than 110 pounds.
  • Remember that you should not donate plasma more frequently than recommended.
  • Find an authorized center for donating plasma.
  • Drink some water before undergoing the procedure otherwise, you might feel nauseated due to water loss.

NOTE: Your body makes up for the lost plasma within a short span of time. Donating plasma on an occasional basis is safe.

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