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How to Use Cannabis Concentrates The Right Way – 2024 Guide

by Wilma Lucas

A cannabis concentrate is gaining popularity among fans of this type of pleasure. In this form, it can be found in many different products and consumed in various ways. For the purposes of concentrate production, a cannabis plant was used, the processing of which resulted in a product of a more desirable composition. Separation retained cannabinoids and terpenes, as the most desirable plant compounds, and removed impurities and other components that don’t contribute to the enjoyment and another purpose of this concentrate. The best thing is that it doesn’t change the way of consumption. You can use the concentrate in exactly the same way as the flowers, and the experience will be even more intense. This technology is relatively new but has quickly gained popularity among users. The goal was to preserve the taste and aroma that the buds also have but to improve the experience.

Use doesn’t have to be complicated at all or require expensive equipment. Still, if you like spending money like that, no problem. But before you enter this world, in the beginning, it would be good to inform yourself about all the potential uses, so that you know which method would suit you best. Here’s a little help from us too.


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The first and most common way to consume it is to smoke cannabis concentrate mixed with buds. Some users won’t want to invest money in equipment and buying a vaporizer will be expensive. In that case, the solution to traditional smoking is imposed. This involves wrapping the plant in a piece of paper. Then sprinkle a little wax on top. The smoke will be more intense but the taste will be quite satisfactory. The effect will be as good as with any other method.

You can also use other props for smoking, such as a bong or a pipe. Cook your favorite flavor inside and enjoy it as it takes you away. You can use your favorite way of smoking, just like when you take the buds.

The mix of these two forms is suitable for waxing or crushing, but it’s not recommended for making oils or tinctures.

In the edible form

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Do you believe it can be processed into an edible form? We know it sounds impossible, but there is also that way, which has also found its place among the fans. The possibility of Making a cannabutter has delighted many. But that is not news. This was also possible with the buds, only the process was more complicated. Then it meant long slow cooking to the desired texture.

In this case, there is no need for extraction and all you need is a little mixing of concentrate and melted butter. You can quickly and easily get the perfect product for yourself that you can use in many ways. Well, butter lovers, the real pleasure has arrived for you.

You can make whatever you want from it, taking into account that it is not recommended to use the tincture in this case either.


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Dubbing is one of the most popular methods of consumption, especially in the United States. If you opt for it, we warn you that it will require a small investment to buy the necessary equipment. The device used for dub resembles a bong and is called a dab rig, and there are different models, like the one you can see at www.vaporsolo.com. It is necessary for the development of a process that is specific to this method.

This process involves the evaporation of material on a hot surface. These vapors are inhaled with the help of a device system, which also contains water. Evaporation is possible thanks to the burner that heats the vessel.

The manufacturers of these devices have also provided the users with the so-called “e-nail”, which facilitates consumption without the need for a blower. However, the high price on the market is what prevents its mass use.

The price of tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t prevent users from viewing this perfectly constructed system as pure art.


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Vaping is a modern way of consuming cannabis concentrate. Vaporizers are used for this purpose, which immediately implies the purchase of these new technological inventions that enhance the experience. The latest models of evaporators are available, which are much more advanced than the old ones you have at home. They can be used with both concentrated and flowering plants, but don’t be surprised when you see the price, which is definitely not low.

Unlike some models that cannot be carried in a pocket because they need electricity to work, now more and more popular are the portable ones, which work with the help of a rechargeable battery. Some specialize in concentrate, so you have a variety of options, you just need to choose the one whose price and quality suits you best.

The aforementioned method is considered stronger and more intense, but which one you are going to use depends on the strength that is tolerable to you. The use of clear concentrates in vaping is crucial.


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Cannabis in this form is also used for other purposes, not only to get high. An example is an oil that can be consumed orally. It can be put in tea or food, and CBD oil is considered to have a healing effect. Cannabis is very intense in this form and therefore it is recommended to take it in smaller doses. The oil is adapted to both children and the elderly and does not require intensive inhalation to achieve the desired effect.

This method of use is certainly the simplest. To avoid too strong and intense effects of the plant, the substance must first be decarboxylated. This process and an efficient heating phase are necessary when making oil.

This oil can relieve pain, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce the pain of people suffering from cancer, help fight acne, as well as maintain heart health.

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of cannabis concentrate and the ways you can consume it, you are ready for this experience. All you have to do is consider your budget and see which method you can afford. In the end, there is no doubt that in each you will find the satisfaction you are looking for.

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