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What Doctors Are Saying About Shapewear: Health First

by Skopje Macedonsko

Shapewear is great to keep in the lingerie drawer, ready for the perfect night out. Shapewear helps to create a seamless base, which makes the body look curvier while wearing stylish clothes. It also makes women appear thinner by compressing their midsection by a couple of inches. The best shapewear reduces all the bumps and results in a very slender silhouette by flattening the stubborn areas. Although there are a lot of advantages to wearing shapewear, doctors are advising women to be more careful.

Always Choose the Right Size

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As HauteFlair.com suggests, wearing the correct size shapewear is essential and should make your body feel comfortable and snug. Some firm-hold garments can be very restrictive and should only be worn for a short time. Regular use could be painful if the piece is too tight around the hips. The wrong size could prevent blood flow and cause swelling in the lower legs. Very tight shapewear might worsen a person’s condition if they already suffer from poor blood circulation issues.

If an outfit leaves a mark on the body, then it is too tight. Some women might want to get smaller sizes, but the correct one will make their silhouette look smoother and more natural. Since shapewear is stretchable, it does not harm any internal organs. However, a very tight one could put pressure on the digestive tract and cause acid reflux.

Shapewear that is too tight or poorly fitted could cause a lot of bloating and gassiness right after eating. The air that people take in naturally while eating food is unable to escape properly. It gets trapped inside the body for a long time and could make a person feel nauseous too.

If women over the age of fifty wear shapewear that is too tight, it could put a lot of pressure on their stomachs and cause severe pelvic problems. The pelvic organs then push down and press on top of other organs. A woman could end up in the hospital due to the pain.

Always Choose Top Quality Brands

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Poor quality shapewear can cause a lot of skin infections and allergies. This is because they use many chemicals to achieve the perfect level of stretch. It is always better to be cautious of shapewear that is very low cost, or from a brand that is not reputable.

If there is a lot of redness on the skin after wearing shapewear, it is necessary to dispose of it and not wear the same piece again. After a few days, the skin condition will recover naturally. If it keeps getting worse, the person might have to visit their doctor. They should also look for other alternatives best shapewear from different brands to make sure that they always purchase high-quality pieces.

Doctors are not advising against wearing shapewear. If people want to wear them, they most certainly can. All they are saying is to be careful not to wear something too tight in case it does cause acid reflux or a lot of pain. If a type of shapewear causes skin reactions, it is better to not wear that material again and find an alternative that is much better quality.

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