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Dental Filling Care: How to Make Cavity Fillings Last Longer

by Alice Lane

Although dental fillings are absolutely essential for repairing any cavities, cracks, and chips, they will not necessarily last forever. Naturally, a filling cannot stay there for the rest of your life, however, there are some things and methods that will maintain them, as well as ensure that they stay in place for as long as possible.

If you are interested in learning how you can make your dental implants last longer, you might find this article extremely helpful. The text below will feature some of the things you can do to maintain and keep your fillings longer. The tricks that ensure that they last longer include:

First Things First – Speak With Your Dentist About Different Materials That They Can Use

The very first thing – and the most important one – is for you to understand the different types of fillers you can actually choose to have in your mouth. People often passively nod and agree with their dentist when they explain in detail the entire procedure, as well as the filling options. However, by doing so, you are missing out on important information. The ones you can choose include:

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  1. Gold – gold ones are not as common as they once where, however, they are still an option that people opt for. Gold is extremely durable, but, naturally, it is the most expensive option out there – which is probably why people avoid getting these dental fillers when they need to repair their teeth.
  2. Amalgam or Silver – if you are looking for a mixture that will not take a big chunk out of your budget, but one that is still quite durable, you can choose silver or amalgam fillings. These options can last you from 10 to 15 years since these materials are durable, hence, it is a good investment in the long run.
  3. Porcelain – if the surface that needs to be treated is wider, porcelain fillings are something that a lot of people choose. This material is also quite good for matching the teeth color and it is quite stain-resistant, meaning that you can smile without hindrances with them. However, the biggest disadvantage is the cost since it is almost as expensive as gold ones.
  4. Composite Resin – this material is suitable for smaller holes. It is cheaper, the color can be exactly matched with the shade of your teeth, and when maintained properly, it can last for more than 10 years. But, you should keep in mind that it can stain or chip if not maintained effectively and properly.

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Of course, your decision will depend on the extent of the damage to your tooth or teeth, your budget, and, of course, the opinion of your dentist. This is why it is important to listen to them when they are explaining the entire process. If you want to see what service you can opt for, check out swiftdental.com.au.

Caring For The Fillings And Upkeep

The maintenance of the filling generally aligns with normal dental care and common sense, however, if you want to entirely keep your fillings healthy, you can follow these general rules:

1. Use Fluoride Toothpaste And The Right Toothbrush

By often using fluoride toothpaste, it will help your teeth repair and restore over a period of time. You should brush them and floss at least two times every day. Another thing that you should ask your dentist is whether or not you should use a harder or softer toothbrush.

2. Keep Your Sugar Intake to a Minimum

We are all aware of the harmful impacts high amounts of processed sugar can have on our teeth, however, it can impact our general health as well. Sugar can cause the breakdown of enamel, meaning that it can cause your cavities to become worse, hence, you should avoid consuming too much sugar.

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3. You Should Limit Alcohol, Caffeine, as well as Cigarette Consumption

By regularly indulging in coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, as well as cigarettes will not only damage your teeth but your overall health too. Hence, you should definitely try to limit the intake of these things, not only because it will keep your fillings maintained, but because you can improve your overall health.

4. Treat Teeth Grinding And Refrain From Biting Down on Hard Foods

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Grinding your teeth or biting down on your fillings is one of the easiest ways to cause them to either crack or get dislodged. If you are aware that you grind your teeth during the day or during the night, you should consult your dentist about getting a mouthguard that will protect your teeth, or you might want to look for other ways to reduce stress in your everyday life.

5. Water, Water, And More Water

Before choosing to have soda, juice, energy drinks, coffee, or alcoholic beverages, think about the importance of water. Water will help your teeth heal, however, it will also help with dislodging any food residue that might be stuck between your teeth. Hence, if you want to improve your health and teeth condition, always opt for drinking more water.

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6. Visit Your Dentist Regularly For a Checkup

Finally, you will need to be diligent about going to the dentist’s office regularly for a checkup. This will ensure that your fillings remain in good condition, however, it will also help with preventing future cavities and problems, especially since your dentist will notice and problems early on. Hence, do not forget to visit your doctor at least once in three months.


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As you can see, there is a wide range of things that you can do to maintain, protect, as well as ensure that your dental fillings last longer. This will not only help with your dental hygiene but with your overall health – since bad teeth can cause additional health problems.

So, now that you know what you can opt for, as well as what you should do to protect your teeth and dental fillings, do not waste any more time and schedule an appointment with your dentist right away!

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