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Top Dental Implants Guide from a Holistic Dentist

by Skopje Macedonsko

Your teeth help you to smile properly and also eat whatever you want. However, in return, you need to take good care of your teeth on a daily basis. Although your teeth may be strong and sharp during your youthful days, they do tend to get weak and fall out when you age. During such times, you may have to opt for dental implants. It is basically a process of replacing your old and original teeth with false ones. It helps you to chew your food properly once again and also smile at other with the same old glow that you used to have when you were young.

Dental Implant

In simple terms, dental implants are said to be the best form of treatment when it comes to replacing failing teeth. A single implant can support a single tooth, and a handful of such implants can easily stabilize or support an entire group of teeth in your mouth that are not functioning properly.

Dental Implants

source: dentistry.uic.edu

Steps for a Dental Implant

Whichever procedure you choose, the entire process of dental implant is the same. These steps have been discussed in short for your knowledge.

Planning and Evaluation: The first step in the process of dental implant is taking proper scans and X-rays of your current dental condition in order to determine whether you actually require an implant or not. If the scans suggest you go for an implant, the plans will move ahead to fulfill your needs and meet your budget.

Extraction and Repair: Normally dental implants have a pretty low failure rate. The following step will involve ensuring that your mouth is in a healthy condition. It is also true that such implants are best done in a healthy mouth. If the need for fillings or root canals or even any other dental work arises, these should be completed first. Any failing teeth in your mouth should also be extracted.

Bone Grafting If Needed: In order to support dental implants your jawbone should be in a healthy and strong condition. However, if there is any loss of jawbone, then bone grafting will be necessary.

Dental Implants

source: centerpointdentalgroup.com

Implant Placement: This is the main process. Your mouth is thoroughly numbed followed by a small-sized cut in the gum tissue in order to expose the bone. A number of drills are used to open a hole in the jawbone so it would accommodate the implant. The implant is screwed in and secured after which it is covered with a healing cap and a stitch in order to bring the gum tissues back.

Crown and Abutment: After several months, the implants along with your mouth will be healed and in good condition for a crown and abutment. The gum tissues are reopened, and the healing cap is replaced with an abutment. The primary purpose of this is to act as an attachment for the crown. This crown will be fitted carefully and properly so that your teeth work properly and without any problem in the long run.


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