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Weird Surgical Procedures Doctors Carried out

by Skopje Macedonsko

Technology is advancing at an incredible speed, and medicine is following it. Operations that can be performed today, no one could have ever imagined possible. Organ transplantation is something that saves many lives, and this time we decided to make you a list of the weirdest operations ever performed.

Ear grown on the arm, 180-degree turned leg or implants that look like horns on the forehead are just some of the weird things doctors have done to help their patients.

Leg turned 180 degrees

img source: ytimg.com

In 2008, a boy had bone cancer, so doctors decided to have his knee and part of his thigh amputated. As the 13-year-old boy wanted to continue playing football, he opted for a plastic surgery that would save his leg. The doctors cut him off and turned his leg 180 degrees to sew it to the rest of his thigh. They removed the affected part and that was the only way to keep his leg.

The operation took place in Ohio. In less than three years, he could play baseball, basketball and skiing.

Ear on hand

At age 42, a woman lost her ear, skull and auditory canal due to cancer. To get her ear back, doctors took cartilage from her ribs and ‘grew’ an ear on her forearm. The team of doctors made a similar shape to the cartilage, which had been under the skin on the arm for four months and then transplanted to the head. It is the first recorded successful case of this type of operation.

Horns due to stretching of the skin

img source: webfeed360.com

The boy was born with a large red scar on his forehead. When he was four, his mother feared that other children would harass him because of this, so she decided to have her son undergo surgery to put implants on his forehead. The boy had ‘horns’ on his head for four months, and then doctors cut off some of the damaged skin, removed implants and fused stretched skin. Now he has a barely visible scar at the point where the skin is connected.

Finger joined to belly

As a 20-year-old furniture maker, the man cut his middle finger with an electric saw. He rushed to the hospital, where the doctor on duty told him that the skin and muscle had been cut off and that only the bone was intact. The doctor surgically connected his finger to his abdomen in the hope that the muscle would grow back and that the bloodstream itself would recover. The above happened, then after a month they separated the finger from the abdomen and put it back in place so it currently has a fully recovered and functional middle finger.

Hand joined to the leg

img source: 365dm.com

The girl was nine years old when, on her way to school, the tractor badly injured her and damaged her arm the most. Doctors said the arm was too damaged and could not be saved. Instead of connecting it to where it should be, they sewed a hand to the right leg to maintain circulation. After three months, they returned the arm to its original location, but numerous operations were required to remove the scars and improve movement.

Skull in stomach

The former Miss Idaho of 2009 barely survived a serious fishing accident. She woke up in shock when she realized her skull was missing and found that it was in her abdomen. She had a skull in her belly for six weeks to remain sterile and nourished until her swelling in her brain subsided. A portion of the skull was then removed from the abdomen and returned to its proper location, which is why it was called a walking miracle. Brain surgery is known to be the most challenging for doctors and takes often over 10 hours to be completed and more about it, you can read at brain-surgery.com

These were some of the most fascinating life-saving procedures, and now we will introduce you to the strangest aesthetic endeavors…

Vampire facelift

img source: hearstapps.com

A vampire facelift is a cosmetic procedure that means injecting your own blood to wipe away wrinkles and give a younger look. After some time after injection you will notice a volume increase of 10 to 15 percent which can last for several years. The procedure is a bit bizarre, but it works, plastic surgeons say.

Removal of buccal fat

In recent years, cheekbones on the face have been the focus of beauty, so plastic surgeons have been using dermal fillers to highlight the cheekbones and better define them. But besides injecting fillers, did you know that surgeons also remove fat from that part of their face? Cheek reduction is the procedure by which you get thinner cheeks, removing excess buccal fat to give more pronounced cheekbones.

Plastic surgeons say this operation is rare and relatively little known. But when people find out that it’s not necessary to have fat cheeks all their life, they decide to have surgery. If you are considering surgery to remove buccal fat from your cheeks, think carefully. Not many doctors know how to reverse a procedure, so we can consider it permanent.

Line operation on palms

img source: researchgate.net

If you are superstitious and someone has told you that your future is not good because of this, you can change all this by operating a line on the palm of your hand. Some girls and women operate these lines to completely erase them or change their length, depth and layout.


No one has a perfectly round navel, and a lot of people want it to be more perfect. Relaxed skin, hernia or postpartum skin may require navel surgery or umbilicoplasty. It’s a surgical change in the appearance of the navel, or it means creating a new navel.

Tongue splitting

img source: kagiso.io

It’s not really about cutting but splitting your tongue to make it look like snakes. The process goes something like this: first, the piercing is done at the point where the tongue will begin to fork. After a while, the tongue around the piercing heals and heals, and then a cleft is made. The tongue is cut and sewn.


The reach of medicine never ceases to amaze us. And that is progressing day by day. And with that, human extravagance and constantly new types of plastic surgery, which, we will agree, are often unnecessary.


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