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Group Health Insurance – What Is It?

by Dustin Cortright

In the modern world, the health industry has become so spread that it is required by law that each and every employee should have some kind of insurance. Most employers, if not all, have gone to the adoption of group health insurance plans. Why are they good? First of all, they cover a lot of people that thus make a pool. In this way, those people pay smaller insurance premiums but get top quality insurance.

It may even happen in some cases that employers will add some payment to that pool so that the premium would be even less. Why a group? Well, in this way, the cost of risk is shared among group members so that they can get the same insurance but pay less. However, what happens with those people who want this type of shared insurance and risks but do not work in companies?

Membership Organizations

Group health insurance is offered by various membership organizations that provide group health insurance to all its members. In this way, these organizations provide coverage and services to their members. What are the good sides of it? First of all, you do not need to be employed in a company of any kind.

You may be a freelancer or unemployed completely. Secondly, as a member of a group, you can get some kind of a discount on the insurance plan. Members of those membership organizations usually share something, but not always. They sometimes have the same common interest, profession or trade.

Groups Health Insurance

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Association Health Plans

These plans actually serve the next purpose: members of the organizations have joined together and in his way they can apply for or get some kind of a discount, smaller premiums for a certain kind of insurance or negotiate a better coverage package. This is similar as the group members, but these people do not have an employer, they may just be doing similar business.

Groups Health Insurance

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How to Find It?

The best way to find it is to look in the circles you are moving in. Some of these may be unions, alumni association or any other associations or groups you are a member of.

Some of the best-known membership associations are Writers Guild of America (offering group insurance to professional writers), Association for Computing Machinery (offering coverage for professionals in computing industry), Freelancers Union (health insurance plans for freelancers), National Association for the Self Employed, supplemental health plans etc.  Artists can get insurance through the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center, not directly but through intermediaries offered there.

Which Health Insurance Is the Best?

The best and easiest way of getting health insurance is through employer directly or indirectly (employer of your spouse) since it shares the risk and lowers the premium and employers sometimes pay part of the premium.

On the other hand, membership organizations and other bodies may offer some more concrete coverage’s for unemployed or self-employed.


No matter in which category you are in, it is of utmost importance to have health insurance to protect yourself.

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