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Hearing Loss Types and Treatment Options

by Skopje Macedonsko

Numerous factors can contribute to the loss of hearing and it can develop at any age. Although it has affected millions of people all over the world, it is still a difficult, deeply personal experience for anyone. Despite its omnipresence, individuals who develop hearing loss often find themselves socially isolated for different reasons and many find it difficult to talk about their condition with others.

However, thanks to innovation and advancements in technology and medicine there are now several different ways to treat the condition. The optimal treatment choice is partially determined based on the type of loss a person is experiencing, so here is everything you should know about it.


Depending on the affected ear section, the condition can be categorized into three types.


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The condition develops due to sound vibrations being unable to reach the inner ear, also known as the cochlea. The block comes from the damage of the outer or middle ear. Especially in places with a lot of noise, speech may sound muffled and you will feel like your ears are blocked. There are many causes, some of which include certain syndromes, infections in the middle ear, benign tumors, chronic infections, and others.


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It develops when there is damage to the hearing nerve and it also occurs when the inner ear is damaged. Sounds become softer, harder to identify and understand, especially in noisy environments. Some common causes include head trauma, aging, genetics, loud noise exposure, and more. If you would like to get more information about this, you can learn more here.


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A combination of both types mentioned above causes this kind of impairment. In such cases, either the outer or middle ear are damaged, along with the inner ear as well. The causes include a mix between any conductive and any sensorineural causes.

Besides the three, hearing can also be affected by tumors that form on the inner ear’s nerve.

Treatment Solutions

Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids can be helpful in all types of hearing loss but is especially helpful in cases where there is damage to the inner ear. Modern digital rechargeable hearing aids from Blue Angels Hearing have proven very popular with hearing aid users. A specialist known as an audiologist will ensure you get a suitable device that will fit you perfectly so that you can utilize all the benefits the hearing aid can provide.

Surgical Procedures

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Procedures are great for treating certain types of hearing impairments, including certain abnormalities and infections with continuous fluid.

Wax Removal

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Earwax blockage that causes hearing impairment is a condition that can be reversed. The doctor will simply remove the wax using suction in some cases or a special tool in others.

Cochlear Implants

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If normal aids offer limited benefits, these implants might be a better option. They directly stimulate the hearing nerve, bypassing all the damaged parts, and they are great in cases of severe hearing loss.


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Hearing aids, listening devices, or treatment can greatly help people with hearing loss of any type and can immensely improve their quality of life. Do not be afraid to share what is happening to you with family and friends since they can help you cope better and communicate more easily.

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