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Natural Healing – Strengthen Your Immunity Before Winter Arrives

by Skopje Macedonsko

Want to know how to boost your immunity? If you often get the flu and you seem to be picking up all the viruses when you are in a crowd – boosting your immunity is the only way to deal with it. How to do it? Here’s the way!

Importance of the Immune System

Our immune system has a defensive role in the body. Its main task is to protect us from the disease. There are various reasons for impaired immunity. Therefore, various diseases can be marked as consequences. Among the “invaders” of our defense system, we may find bacteria, viruses, germs, fungus, or toxins.

This just emphasizes the need to boost immunity. The question of how to raise immunity is neither simple nor unique. Immunity strength is also influenced by genetic factors and they make up our innate immunity. We also have the one that largely depends on the circumstances in which we live and it is called the acquired immunity.

Symptoms of decreased immunity

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How do you know that your immunity is weak? Some symptoms will make quite clear that your fight against pathogens is not going well. These are some of the things you need to pay attention to:

Chronic Tiredness

It’s okay to get tired of hard work, exercise, or similar situations where being tired is a completely normal consequence. However, if you are constantly exhausted, if you are easily suffocated and small changes affect your energy levels and mood, this is not right. This can be one of the symptoms of a decrease in immunity.

Common Bacterial Infections

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If you often see a doctor and take antibiotics like vitamins because you have inflammation of the ear, lungs, throat, gums, etc., this is a sign that your body is not fighting the disease properly with its antibodies. You need to learn how to strengthen your immunity.

Frequent Viral Infections

Do you catch any virus that pops up near you? Or you use a few “free days” from work as soon as someone else gets sick? You have flu twice a year, and at other times you have a sore throat or a cold? You don’t need a clearer sign! You need to work on boosting your immune system.


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Allergens are another temptation that lurks your body. You may be more or less sensitive to some, but the body’s ability to cope with allergens depends on whether or not your immunity has dropped. In many cases, allergic reactions have been successfully alleviated or cured by strengthening the immune system.

can always suspect that your immune system is not as perfect as you may think.

How To Strengthen Immunity By changing Your Life Habits?

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Did you notice how many negative consequences a bad lifestyle can have? We don’t just mean smoking or alcohol. It’s enough that you don’t feed well enough, or that you’re not active enough, and you can expect troubles. The answer to how to boost your immunity comes by itself. Check your life habits and read what you need to change to succeed in improving your health.

Take Care Of Your Diet

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Having a monotonous diet will slow your metabolism, but also accumulate toxins that will become too much of a burden on your immune system. What you need to boost your immunity is not some magic food, but a properly balanced diet. What does this practically mean?

You need to consume more fruits, vegetables, proteins, and reduce the unhealthy fats, sugars, additives and artificial flavors that are an indispensable part of processed foods. If possible, choose organic foods because pesticides are one of the toxins that can poison and strain your immune system.

Use The Supplements And Natural-Based Products

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According to Coldeeze, insufficient nutrition can cause a lack of some of the essential nutrients that are important in boosting your immunity. For example, zinc, selenium, iron, folic acid, vitamins A, C, B6, E, etc.

If you do not like certain foods, pay attention to the things you are trying to avoid. What are the vitamins or minerals you skip? Try to make them up from other sources, or natural-based products or supplements such as Dr Natura. When buying supplements or natural-based products, make sure that they are reliable products from reputable manufacturers.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market that doesn’t fulfill the quality criteria. Make sure you purchase high-quality products. It is not just that you won’t have an adequate effect with an untested product, but in some situations, you can even endanger your health. That’s why it’s very important what you are buying and who are you buying it from.

Of course, the market offer is extensive, so sometimes you can lose yourself in the mass of products that are offered. If you are looking for top quality diet products and supplements on a natural basis, PromoPharma offers you a very good choice. All products are natural and depending on the purpose, you can list them by category and find what you need.

Using Echinacea Based Products

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When it comes to natural remedies, we recommend echinacea-based products. These immunity-boosting products are great to use before the coming winter days. Echinacea is recommended as a preventative agent but also as a complementary therapy for colds and long-term respiratory and urinary tract infections.

There are also special echinacea products that are intended for external use in ulcers and slow healing wounds. The best effect is achieved when echinacea-based preparations begin with the first symptoms, say, of flu or colds, that is, before the disease manifests itself and develops. It is because it helps the body resist infection at that moment.

This herb has a particularly strong antibacterial action in accelerating wound healing and helps to create connective tissue. Echinacea has also been effective in frequent antibiotic-infectious but recurrent infections, such as recurrent respiratory, throat or ear infections. It has also been successful in treating gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums, as well as in periodontal disease.

Sleep Enough

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When your body is exhausted, it has no power to deal with the external or internal pathogenic factors. One study at the University of Chicago showed the following:

People who sleep only 4 hours a day produce twice the amount of antibodies needed to fight viruses and bacteria. Think about it, and try to get as much sleep as you can.

Take Care Of Hygiene

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If you want to strengthen your immunity, be sure to keep your hands clean before eating and before you start preparing food. Of course, it is also very important that the food is washed and clean. High temperature and cooking indeed kill the bacteria, but you don’t have to take it literally and let things happen by chance.

Therefore, various diseases can be marked as consequences. Among the “invaders” of our defense system, we may find bacteria, viruses, germs, fungus, or toxins. ADD-> Many of these can be severe and even deadly. Besides boosting your immune system you should also know the signs of major illnesses and when to see a doctor. Many people dont know
when should you go to the emergency room for pneumonia or that you should go to the doctor immediately if you suspect you have the flu. For more information on when you should be checked for pneumonia, visit Village Emergency Services.
Finally, We Will Reveal You One More Thing …

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Spending some time in the cold will not make you catch the virus and bacteria and wreck your immunity. Winter is the season of flu, viruses, and colds, but not because it’s colder outside, but because you spend a lot more time indoors. Cold weather is not conducive to the development of bacteria and viruses, but the airless rooms are almost ideal for this.

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