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7 Best Non-Toxic Mattresses in the USA for 2024

by Alice Lane

We spent nearly a whole third of our lives sleeping in our beds. This isn’t because we’re lazy, but because sleep is a simple necessity.

However, if we’re going to be spending 8 hours of our day in the bed, it’s important to get a mattress that will provide you with the much-needed sleep. It is an important aspect to consider that will not only be a great investment for your money, but it will also put aside all of your sleeping problems. Check out nolahmattress.com if you are looking to purchase a natural mattress. Their natural latex mattresses are designed for hot sleepers and are more durable than their counterparts.

As you all know, sleep is a necessity. The amount and quality of sleep are directly related to the quality of our mattress. So, to put you in a good spot and promote quality rest, we’ve decided to tell you about the best non-toxic mattresses in the USA for this 2024.

These mattresses aren’t like the traditional ones since they are made from organic materials that don’t cause harm in any way shape or form.

1. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

img source: wasabisys.com

The Pure Green is a certified mattress made from 100% natural latex straight from the fields of Sri Lanka. The product gets is rightfully on our number one spot as it is one of the best eco & human-friendly picks for 2024.
The cover of the Pure Green is a New Zealand wool that promotes its properties while keeping it nice and cool for you regardless if you’re sleeping or not. As we mentioned, the 100% natural and organic latex & wool is assembled in our very own Chicago.

The design of the product includes a 6-inch 100% natural latex layer made from foam that makes the product sturdy while offering excellent support regardless of which side you sleep.

The product comes in Queens, Kings, and Twins size.

2. Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress

img source: pinimg.com

The Brentwood Home Cypress is yet another product made from the highest of quality wool with a certificate to commemorate it.

Being one of the highest-rated products means living up to expectations. This means having features that put you right at the top of the pile. As the Brentwood does, this product is made with a 2-inch thick open ventilation zone that allows it the much-needed room to breathe, as well as a 7-inch think base to support any weight.

With designated reliever pressure points placed within areas for added comfort and high-quality memory foam that suppressed the movement, the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is rightfully regarded as one of the best products for 2024.

3. My Green Mattress – Natural Firm

img source: nestledstore.com

The base of this product is made entirely of 100% natural latex that supports your weight, offers comfortability, and superior design. Truly, the design of this particular mattress has been voted as the best one from numerous sources in the industry.

Not only does this mattress include a coil spring system that doesn’t bother you while sleeping, but it also does it in a way that offers you a firmer seating edge.

The Natural Firm from My Green Mattress includes built-in lumbar support for your back, duplex latex for comfortability and pressure relief, and is one of the highest-rated products for side sleepers.

4. Happsy Organic Mattress – Cal King

img source: amazon.com

Now onto one of our favorite ones for 2024, the Happy Organic from Cal King. This particular product is unique in a way that it includes a 2-inch fully organic, 100% natural, cover that promotes comfortability and quality of sleep.
The Happsy Organic is made from organic latex that specializes in relieving pressure while sleeping or resting. Made with a spring system that doesn’t bother the user, the Happsy Organic has sewn-in wool batting and fully organic wool filling that keeps your body in a comfortable position throughout the night.

Also, the spring system is made from a breathable coil that gives the product the much-needed ventilation while also keeping it cool, or warm depending on the weather.

For a more detailed-heavy orientated article on the best 6 non-toxic, fully organic, mattresses then make sure to read this review.

5. Tuft & Needle King Mattress With T&N Adaptive Foam

img source: pinimg.com

Yet another non-toxic product that is considered as the best for 2024, the Tuft & Needle King is made with 100% organic adaptive foam that resembles memory foam.

The difference in memory and adaptive foam is that this one is fully engineered by Tuft & Needle. The T&N adaptive foam includes a layer of superior quality foam that makes the foundation of the product. This layer is a 6-inch thick foam that gives the product the much-needed durability. Not only was the T&N adaptive foam made from the feedback of their customers, but it also serves as a foundation for the mattress itself.

With excellent pressure relief features, quality lumbar support and durability, the Tuft & Needle King T&N Adaptive foam should be one of your top picks for 2024.

6. My Green Mattress – Pure Echo

img source: mygreenmattress.com

The Pure Echo is yet another one you should definitely have your eyes set for this 2024 as the mattress is made using only 100% hypoallergenic and fully organic materials.

The base of the Pure Echo is a coil spring system that includes a 2-inch ventilation area that keeps you cool or warm. Not only are the springs sturdy enough to support any weight, but they also eliminate movement due to the memory foam.
This is one of the highest quality products for 2024 that provides you with excellent lumbar support while also relieving pressure. A downside to the Pure Echo is that people have had complaints after long-time use.

7. Naturepedic 2-In-1 Organic Cotton Ultra Quilted

img source: amazon.com

Made with 100% organic cotton that boasts waterproof properties, the Naturepredic 2-In-1 is yet another coil spring mattress that provides excellent lumbar support.

The 14.6 gauge steel spring system is carefully placed throughout areas of the products so that comfortability doesn’t ever become an issue. The non-toxic and fully organic surface of the mattress will is made with industry standards that are hard to argue with.

Namely, the waterproof surface is ideal for parents with babies and toddlers, and those that are prone to allergies. The surface is also made with non-allergic materials that make the product very expensive; this is possibly the biggest drawback to the Naturpedic 2-In-1 Organic Cotton Ultra Quilted.

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