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Be More Romantic by Following These Ten Steps

by Dustin Cortright

Being romantic can be quite contagious, and therefore, the best way to make your partner more romantic is to you yourself be more romantic to them. With that in mind, here are 10 pieces of advice ways to become more romantic together with your partner.

1. Wax nostalgic

Around 98% of romance is not taking take each other for granted in the relationship. Therefore, think back to those old crush feelings and exciting first moments, which made the two of you fall in love. These include meeting for the first time, going on the first date, the first kiss, first time naked together, the first time you felt true passion, etc. Remember feeling like the luckiest person on the planet because you are together with them, and how you thought you would spend the rest of your lives together.

2. Do not overshare

There should always exist a fine line between intimacy, and oversharing. Things like toilet need in front of each other or eliminating facial and body hair should be done privately, just to keep both people from feeling insecure or weird. It is not a big deal if your partner approaches you with some of this. Also, if you feel uncomfortable about something, talk to your partner and ask them to do the same for you. Both of you need quality alone time in order to pamper yourselves.

3. Go on dates

Do not label it as something extravagant or extremely special. Just call it a date night. Dates should come naturally through the years, and you should never stop going somewhere regularly. They are not only reserved for the start of the relationship. Dinner and a movie have lasted for decades because it works, is simple, and everyone enjoys it! Plan it a couple of days in advance, dress up nicely, and make subtle hints for your partner to do the same. Do not let the dates die as the years go by. Keep having fun together!

Be More Romantic by Following These Ten Steps

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4. Exchange just-because gifts or treats

This one is similar to the last. You do not have to wait for the romantic holidays like anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day in order to give your partner a nice and thoughtful present. You can always surprise them with something simple unexpectedly. It shows that they are on your mind, that you thought of them, and that you do not take them for granted. If money is tight, bring them breakfast in bed on a random Sunday. Make them know that they did not forget a holiday, and reassure them that you just wanted to surprise them and do something nice.

5. Engage in random PDA

You do not have to “get a room,” but it would not hurt to somehow increase your daily physical touch, and prove to the world that you love them and want them. Hold hands as much as possible, give them pecks on the lips from time to time, and throw in an occasional smack on the bum. Studies say that even a short, 20-second hug raises your levels of oxytocin levels.

6. Write love notes

Here, we do not mean flowery love letters or corny love poetry. It is enough to simply write an occasional “thinking of you” email or an SMS, put a surprise “I miss you already” note in their business trip suitcase, or maybe even draw a cartoon heart around your initials on the mirror of a steamy bathroom.

7. Brag about your partner in public

It is one thing to gather around with your best friends and talk about the annoying thing about your partner. However, it is even better to occasionally embrace all of their amazing and positive sides, and speak about them glowingly. Mention their cooking, home improvement or parental skills, or even share some spicy bedroom stories. Of course, you are absolutely sure to annoy your single friends or those in unhappy relationships.

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8. Compliment your partner

Mention their self-esteem, as everyone likes to feel needed and desired, especially men. Therefore, give him compliments. For example, tell him how good his cooking is even though it is normal and established that he cooks all the time. It goes without saying that everyone also likes getting compliments about their looks, so throw those your partner’s way as well, however long they spend tidying up and getting ready.

9. Skydive together

Studies on this show that couples participating in adrenaline activities together keep that spark lit for longer, and are stronger. Things like bungee-jumping, rafting, various winter sports, and even skydiving tend to bring couples closer than ever. Having someone you trust during a dangerous situation is everything.

10. Take a basket-weaving class

Lastly, feel free to do some of the joint activities that are not that much thrilling. Studies also show that novelty of any kind makes two people feel closer together. Activities like basket-weaving, yoga classes, comedy shows, cooking classes, cha-cha lessons, or couples pottery are some of these to try with your beloved.

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