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The Importance Of A Clean Water Source – 2024 Guide

by Skopje Macedonsko

Nowadays, we take everything for granted and we don’t understand that what might be an everyday thing for us might be a rare occasion for someone else. One of the best examples is clean water – people leaving in the Western hemisphere are used to it and don’t see it as anything special, while on the other hand over 2 billion people mostly in Africa and certain parts of Asia don’t have a safe access to clean water within the area of their home. And this is a huge global problem to which solution which should all contribute. As you might know, a person can survive up to a month without food but without the essential H2O, we can’t go for more than 3-4 days.

Clean water should be a must all over the world but for various factors, it isn’t and many regions don’t have access to it. But is there a solution and what are the risks of contaminated water in the first place? After a few decades of complete disinterest global water treatment companies and business people have started international programs with the final goal that every populated place on Earth has a safe and clean water source. And with it the Global Hydration is one of the leaders, offering solutions and treatment methods all over the world.

Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at the importance of a clean water source.

Clean Water Source

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Why Is Clean Water A Must

1. First and foremost H2O is an essential nutrient and without it, our body wouldn’t be able to properly function. Our organs, as well as blood and oxygen flow, depending on how well we are hydrated. Things are pretty clear – our body is more than 60% water and if we go more than a few days without it our cells and organs will slowly die off.

2. On the other hand, contaminated water is a source of many life-threatening diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A, and typhoid. Imagine if on one side you had to keep hydrated while on the other you knew that the water you were drinking had tons of harmful bacteria. What would you do? Clean water is essential for good health and an overall well being of the whole community.

3. Let’s not forget that water is one of the most important flushing agents and without it, many toxins will stay in our body and cause damage over the course of time. Uncontaminated water will clean our body out of toxins that come from outside sources such as polluted air, refined foods, and of course contaminated water.

4. Along with that, if growing food depends on clean water. On one hand, watering your vegetables and fruits with contaminated water will kill your plants, while on the other livestock can get sick as well if exposed to water that is not clean.

5. Last but not least without clean water we will not be able to cook, wash our clothes, and of course keep good overall hygiene which can in terms lead to many diseases and an overall health risk.

Clean Water Source

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What Options do we Have?

Modern problems require modern solutions, and this is what we have in store for you. These days in situations like these, we can only turn to modern technology. Luckily, just like with everything else these days, it offers a solution to the growing problem of clean water deficiency. We are talking about water distillers that are a great way always to have clean water within the reach of your hand. All you need to do is to get in touch with reliable suppliers such as Megahome-Distillers, for example, and buy one of their products. Their offer has a thing or two for everyone’s taste, needs, and pocket. In this article, we’re going to recommend two choices that could be your source of clean water for years to come. If clean water is what you want, continue reading.

The first option is the 316 Water Distiller, which is a product standing at the top of its range. It is made out of 316 stainless steel, which makes it one of its kind. It’s second to none in terms of distilling water. It is the prized model from this company, able to clean even the muddiest and contaminated waters of the world. You can even distill salt waters from the sea or those from rivers that have waste in them. It is a product like no other. We are not kidding you as no other manufacturer makes distillers from 316 stainless steel. Regular products of this type are usually made out of 304 stainless steel. If contaminated water is your no1 enemy, you need to have a proper weapon to fight it. This distiller is the Goku of distillers; it’s unbeatable.

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The second choice we mentioned is the Deluxe Water Distiller. This is one of the most popular models out there, and it’s certainly worthy of your attention. It comes in two colors – black and white. Of course, we’re talking of top ends, as the base is made out of stainless steel. This version comes with 304 stainless steel, which is positioned below what we presented above. The jug that comes with it can be either plastic or glass; the choice is left to you, dear customer. If the plastic is your choice, you’re not going down the wrong lane as it’s made out of BPA free polyethylene, which makes it perfectly safe. But, if you go with glass one, you’ll be safe to say that no part of your water will come in touch with any plastic during the distilling process. The filter used in this model is made out of ceramic and holds no PVC pieces. People go with plastic because of the price, but the glass one remains our recommended option.

In addition to being extremely practical, this distiller attracts people thanks to its attractive design. We, humans, do half of our shopping with eyes, buying what looks appealing to us visually, and it is because of this, this distiller quickly finds its way to people’s houses. Add the quality it carries, and you have yourself a perfect distiller.


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The importance of clean water is clear but on the other hand over third of the world’s population doesn’t have free access to it. This is a problem that we should all think about and contribute as much as we can. International water companies (Global Hydration) and certain business people have started implementing changes and helping the affected regions but it is a long process, and we should all keep raising awareness for results to come.

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