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Best Home Gym Under 1000 Buying Guide – Top Universal Systems

by Skopje Macedonsko

Imagine the convenience that comes with having a workout space of your own! You will not have to wait for someone else to finish using a piece of equipment so that you can use it. You can play your music as loud as you want and you will no longer need to spend time going to the gym and coming back from it. Apart from being convenient, a home gym can also be a way of saving money since you will no longer need to pay membership fees in commercial gyms. All this is just great, isn’t it? But remember those good things don’t come easy. What do I mean by this? That simply means that to enjoy the luxury that comes with having your own gym you will have to incur some cost here and there during the setup of your work out space.

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Buying a Home Gym Under $1,000

You, however, have no reason to worry as this article discusses the things that you can do to mitigate the amount of money that you will spend when setting up your home gym. This article will do this by helping you determine what equipment are a must have and the ones that can be skipped, the best place to set up your gym and how you can protect your floors from damage as well as how to find the best under $1000.

Depending on what your budget is you should first start with less equipment that is most important. These are adjustable dumbbells, collars, an adjustable bench, a barbell, weight plates, a power rack, and floor tiles. Having this set of equipment ensures that you have a wide variety of exercises to do for all your muscle groups. You can then proceed to add other luxury equipment as you so desire to depend on how flexible your budget is.

Knowing where to set up your gym is also very important. A room with a concrete floor is highly advisable. This room should preferably be on a lower floor like in the basement, garage or the first floor. This is to ensure that minimum or no disturbances in terms of noise are caused to others. For your concrete floor, rubber tiles are highly recommended since they are way cheaper as compared to the cost of repairing a chipped floor.

From the foregoing, it is evident that building your gym is not easy as it requires not only space but also money. If you desire a larger space and a wide variety of equipment, then be prepared to spend a huge chunk of money, but if not, you can use the tips discussed above to mitigate the cost and thus ensure affordability.

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It is also worth noting that home gyms come with a number of demerits as well. These include the fact that you will have to repair and clean the equipment yourself and the fact that training all by yourself may not be as fun as training with others in a commercial gym. You are also more prone to distraction from family when working out at home.

The bottom line therefore when getting a home gym is to compare and see whether the merits of it surpass the demerits and whether or not your budget will be strained.  If the merits are more than the demerits and you have found a way to work around your budget, then you should totally go for the home gym.

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