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Everything About The Caffeine Headaches

by Skopje Macedonsko

Chances are you are drinking a cup of coffee or tea while reading this article – and it is a part of waking up routine for many people out there. Still, tea and especially coffee contain caffeine that is a nervous system stimulant and one of the most common ones out there. Though green tea and black tea contain certain doses, nothing can beat coffee and its potency. Just to note, caffeine is seen as a drug in a way because over the time you develop tolerance to it, so you have to higher your doses to feel that boost.

It usually takes 30 minutes for caffeine effect to kick in, and once it does it puts your whole body in a level upstate – your metabolism boosts, your heart rate increases and chances are you will have better focus and mind clarity as well. And consuming caffeine products is absolutely fine, and even beneficial if you don’t go overboard with it.

Still, one of the possible problems with caffeine are those nasty headaches – and these come for a number of reasons. Either as a part of the withdrawal process or because you drank too much these headaches can inhibit your ability to go on with the day. Saying this, let’s take a look at the causes of caffeine headaches and how to treat the same!

What Causes Caffeine Headaches

If you are interested in how caffeine affects your body, and what are all the possible effects and side effects you can read more of that on this informative site. On the other hand, we will only focus on caffeine headaches and how to treat the same. As of the causes, one of the most common ones is within a withdrawal process. So you decided to cut on your caffeine intake, well as a response your body will probably trigger headaches due to its addiction to the same substance.

On the other hand, headaches can appear if you have too much of the caffeine as well – especially if your body isn’t used to it. And one of the most common causes as well is if you are sensitive to caffeine or even have an allergy to it. Of course, this is something you should be aware of so don’t experiment with caffeine if it can cause serious allergy consequences.

Everything About The Caffeine Headaches

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How To Treat Caffeine Headaches

1. So you are either trying to quit your coffee routine, or you had too much of the same, and now you are experiencing that annoying headache. Well, one of the easiest ways to try and cope with the same is by sleeping – every time you go to sleep it is like you press a reset button for your brain. Getting a good nap should at least lower the headache intensity if nothing else.

2. On the other hand, if a headache won’t go away, you can go ahead and take some OTC. Still, this isn’t recommended as pain relievers are only a temporary solution and these can cause addiction to another type. That is why you should stay away from ibuprofen and likewise medicine unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Your best bet is to go ahead and implement certain diet changes. First and foremost, you should be increasing your intake of water as that will both keep you hydrated and boost your metabolism in solving the issue. Along with that, include detox foods such as spinach, yogurt, almonds, and banana that will all help you flush the toxins (and caffeine residues) out of your body.

Also, you should focus on the intake of two vital micronutrients for your nervous system – the Vitamin C (that acts as a mild stimulant substitute) and Vitamin B (that keeps your nervous system in shape and aids in red blood cell production). For Vitamin C eat more citrus fruits, chili peppers, and certain vegetables like sprouts, cabbage, and On the other hand for the adequate intake of Vitamin B include eggs, dairy, salmon/tuna, and whole grains in your diet.

Everything About The Caffeine Headaches

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Yes, caffeine headaches are nasty but in some cases, you have to accept these as a part of the withdrawal process and try to cope with the help of a good diet and adequate water intake. In the end, we can say that caffeine such as Vivarin can be of benefit to your general health and mental clarity but only and if you drink it inside the recommended dose frame.

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