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Healthcare Professionals Network at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit!

by Diana Dardu

This year’s Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit will once again help connect the leaders and innovators in healthcare around a focus of superior patient care. If work in the medical field and looking for good solutions to some of the industry’s biggest problems, you can’t miss this conference.

Summit Details

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This year’s event takes place from October 21 to October 23 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. With more than 2,000 expected attendees, 500 organizations represented from 20 countries, and over 100 speakers, the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit is the biggest event for many in the medical field. It’s the place annually to network, connect, and learn from the best.

This year’s speaker line-up is sure to be as thought-provoking as it is diverse. It includes Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of King; Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Strategy Officer for Providence St. Joseph Health; Martha Morrell, MD, Clinical Professor of Neurology at Stanford University; and Renee Dua, MD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Heal.

Now in its 17th year, this medical conference will cover topics on the leading edge of the medical industry, including AI, drug discovery, non-traditional participants, and personalization in healthcare. You’ll have three mid-week days to connect with fellow clinicians and experts, not only during the convention hours but while you enjoy the sights and tastes around an innovative new Cleveland. It’s highly advised that you come a day or two early, or stay later, to take a moment to pause, center yourself, and maybe relax a little bit in the face of such an intense event.

Find a Comfortable Place to Stay Nearby

As far as accommodations go, there are discount rooms available in a conference block at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown. The Hilton features an indoor pool and fitness center and fine dining on-site at the Burnham restaurant. If the Hilton block of tickets is sold out, you should also consider the Hyatt, which is conveniently located downtown. This historic hotel offers guests an upscale experience in a historical setting. Visit their website to see what they can do for you.

Take in the Cities Sights

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While visiting downtown, don’t miss the aforementioned Arcade, which is home to many wonderful places to visit. This beautiful building is one of the few remaining glass arcades of its kind, and the first building in Cleveland to be designated a Historical Landmark. Built-in 1890, with iron balconies and glass ceilings, the building was financed by wealthy Clevelander John D. Rockefeller, amongst others. Aside from the Hyatt, there are boutiques and fine dining occupying the Historic Arcade, and the whole Arcade makes for a lovely stroll after dinner.

Down the street from the Arcade is Public Square, which has been recently revamped to be more community-friendly and to incorporate an outdoor ice rink and art installations. Stop by during your visit to see an outdoor concert or catch a street performer. Public Square is also where you’ll find the Terminal Tower, also known as Tower City. This landmark is the hub for public transportation and was once the tallest building in town. Sitting on the corner of Public Square, it nestles one of the other hotels near Cleveland convention center downtown and features a don’t-miss attraction in its observation deck fifty-two stories up. Upon getting to the top, you can see for miles and catch a breathtaking view of Lake Erie.

Euclid Avenue is home to the Theatre District in Cleveland, but also the home to a lot of really great restaurants. Be sure to head to Cowell and Hubbard for a very special meal or District if you’re in that neighborhood. For more casual fare, work your way over to Puente Viejo for tacos and tequila that will not disappoint.

East 9th street is home a few more hotels near Cleveland convention center downtown, as well as Parker’s Downtown, which is nestled in the belly of a restored historic downtown hotel. Parker’s Downtown serves up fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. If you need to grab breakfast on your way to the Summit, stopping at the Cafè Bon Appetit will start your day off right! Menu selections for any diet, and fresh juice to go!

A major attraction not to miss while in Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Home to the memories and history of our musical lives, it is a truly special place. The building, designed by IM Pei, sits on the north edge of the city, overlooking Lake Erie and is worth seeing for its architectural significance. The Huntington Convention Center, where the Innovation Summit is being held, is located within walking distance of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Great Lakes Science Center, and other attractions on the lakefront.

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