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How Much Does Hospice Care Cost?

by Gerald Hester

If there is one universal truth, it’s that we all inevitably die. In some instances, death comes to those sooner than later through an unavoidable medical diagnosis like a terminal illness.

People with terminal illnesses are usually given a prognosis of how long they will live. Once diagnosed, it gives said individuals an idea of how they want to spend the rest of their life.

During this time, it’s where they will consider hospice care as a potential course to take as they come to terms with the end of their life. However, hospice care is a service that comes along with costs.

If you or a loved one has been looking into hospice care, see how much it can cost to see if it’s worth the price and prepare accordingly for it.

What is Hospice Care?

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Hospice care provides comfort care while retaining the quality of life for a person approaching the end of their life due to terminal illness. It is normally available to terminally ill individuals if they can have two physicians certify that they have less than six months to live. Many who are faced with a dire prognosis end up considering hospice care if there is no cure to their illness, and they deem undergoing treatments to be unnecessary.

Hospice care is a type of end-of-life care that focuses on providing comfort to patients and their families. Hospices are usually not hospitals, but they provide services such as pain management and spiritual support.

What Does Hospice Care Entail?

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For the most part, you can see hospice care in places like a person’s home, nursing home, assisted living community, residential care facility for the elderly, or even a hospice house. In which case, hospice care is provided from various places.

Yet, what does hospice care do for a patient that no longer wishes to continue treatment?

The goal of hospice care is to ensure the patient remains as comfortable as possible until their last breath. It may not mean giving them treatment for their illness anymore, but it does mean they can receive some form of palliative care by managing any pain or symptoms they might be experiencing.

In addition, depending on the stage of the patient’s illness, they may need more assistance with everyday tasks like housekeeping if their care is from home. Additionally, if necessary, they maintain proper hygiene for the patient by helping them.

But ultimately, hospice care aims to give support until a patient passes away. The support goes beyond meeting a patient’s basic needs by being there for not only them but also their family. It can give support in various ways, such as social, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Socially, a hospice care worker is the one a patient will see practically daily and can provide them with much-needed companionship during a scary time. Hospice care can quell fears and anxieties by having hospice workers provide patients with emotional and psychological support through a conversation about their feelings. If a patient needs spiritual support, the right hospice care worker is equipped to talk and relate to their beliefs and musings surrounding death.

Additionally, some hospices can go the extra mile. They can give patients their ‘perfect day’ by fulfilling certain activities to make their last days more enjoyable.

5 ways to Save with Hospice Care Costs

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Hospice care is often a last resort for patients who are nearing the end of their life. However, it can be expensive and people are not always able to afford it. There are some ways that you can save on hospice care costs.

1. Keep your loved one as healthy as possible

2. Get a referral from your local hospital

3. Find out what Medicare covers

4. Ask family members to pitch in

5. Consider hospice care insurance

Paying for Peace of Mind with Hospices and Home Health Care

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Hospice care is not a cheap service to have. This is why many people opt for hospice care insurance. These policies offer a variety of payment options, including monthly premiums and co-payments. In the United States, the Medicare Hospice Benefit has been around since 1984.

It provides coverage to individuals who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses and are within six months of death on their own terms. The benefits offered by hospices vary depending on the level of care that an individual needs and their personal financial situation. The decision to use hospice care can have a number of effects on an individual’s personal finances.

Hospice care is typically billed to the individual, so it covers the cost of services such as room and board, personal hygiene products, and medications. If you feel that hospice care is something that you, or someone close to you may need, you should check partnersforhomecare.ca and find all the information.

Patients may also need to purchase special equipment for their comfort or meet other medical needs.

How You Can Get a Free or Low-Cost Hospice Care Quote from Your Insurance Company if You’re Not Yet in a Home or Facility

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The process of getting a free or low-cost hospice care quote is not as complicated as you might think. There are many ways that you can get a free or low-cost hospice care quote from your insurance company if you’re not yet in a home or facility. These include:

1) If the insurance company has self-pay rates, they will offer it to people who are in need of care but have not yet reached their lifetime limit.

2) If the insurance company has a network of providers that provide services for those with certain medical conditions, they may offer the service at no cost to those with the condition.

3) If the insurance company has a community assistance program, they may offer services at no cost to those in need.

4) Contact the hospital or facility where you will be staying and ask if they provide a free service.

5) As long as you are over 60, Medicare will cover hospice care for you.

6) There may be other options for free care, if you do not qualify for any of the previous options.

What’s the Price of Hospice Care?

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Generally, hospice care is considered to be easily covered for costs. However, it’s important to understand what various factors can contribute to the cost of hospice care.

Since hospice care rates are daily, you can expect the following factors to be considered towards the overall cost:

  • Level of care
  • Insurance
  • Income Bracket
  • Age
  • Qualification criteria
  • The region you live in (i.e. state or province)
  • Place of care (i.e. home or in a facility)
  • Duration of hospice services needed

In which case, it’s best to compare the daily rates of hospice care from home and a facility. Routine basic hospice care from 1-60 days can cost $199.25 daily, while more days than that can cost $157.49. For more consistent hospice care from home, it can cost $1,432.41. In a facility, hospice care for up to five days can cost $461.09 in places like hospitals or nursing homes. Meanwhile, a facility geared toward pain and symptom control will cost $1,045.66.

The prices might seem steep. However, you would be surprised and relieved to find that various sources cover hospice care. In addition, countries like Canada cover the costs of hospice care due to its universal healthcare coverage.

However, here are a few ways hospice care costs are covered:

Facing death is already rather anxiety-inducing enough. Don’t let the costs of hospice care deter you or your loved one from finding comfort and happiness to the fullest in the end.

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