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by Wilma Lucas

Once something becomes popular, there’s a higher amount of information circulating about that particular thing. The existence of the internet makes it even easier. With such an outpour of information, one must consider the fact that not all of it is true.

Botox falls into this category. You’ll hear many different things about it. However, not all of them are pleasant. Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove all these rumors wrong, since there are so many of them, but we will tackle the most common ones. To learn more, you can check MiracleFace Medspa’s Botox treatment offer in
NYC here.

It’s Dangerous

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There is a widespread misconception about Botox. It’s somewhat understandable why people are a little fearful of it since most of us don’t know anything about the Botox compound, how it works or what it does. And when you don’t understand something, it’s natural to be scared of it.

But as with most common things in life, through a lot of rigorous research, development, and testing, we can make almost anything safe. Regardless of that, Botox is safe. When put in the hands of a professional and seasoned veteran of the field, it can be one of the most reliable tools to work within the beauty industry.

There have been some botched Botox treatments in history, but these are sporadic cases and are generally the result of something that wasn’t fully considered. If prepared for properly and all the details are taken into account, a Botox treatment will result only in improvements, with no danger of anything going wrong at all.

If this doesn’t convince you, then you can at least trust the government. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the use of Botox decades ago as a safe form of cosmetic treatment. Considering how much work has to be done for anything to be authorized by the authority within the beauty industry, this is not an easy feat. And it most certainly only cements Botox as one of the safest cosmetic procedures you can try out.

It Makes You Puffy and Plastic-looking

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Yeah, this is an even more common one. Everyone’s seen some famous actor or public figure at some point in their lives, who has had a lot of plastic surgery, so now their skin glows, it looks all puffy and unnatural. And now, you believe that everyone looks like that after Botox. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When skin looks all shiny and glossy, generally it’s because the person has had many different treatments, not just Botox. The combination of all those treatments most likely gives the skin that artificial look. Not to mention; a lot of the time, these people go in for many, many surgeries. Too much of anything is never good, and Botox is the same.

But if you know your limit, if you’re utilizing it to take control of how your skin looks, you will never have weird puffiness and plastic-looking skin. Just like with anything else, you have to have restraint, and you need to understand what you want out of the treatment.

As a side note; perhaps a few decades ago, Botox would have looked somewhat unnatural, but modern treatments make treated areas look incredibly natural. Only very trained eyes would be able to spot Botox.

The Pain

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The idea of a needle piercing the skin of your face and injecting something into it sounds uncomfortable, maybe even scary. But again, there’s nothing to worry about.

Ask anyone who’s been through Botox, and they’ll tell you pain is something you won’t even be thinking about. Thanks to the numbing cream and other methods of paralyzing the skin, you won’t feel anything during the procedure.

Some people also worry about the days following the procedure and what pains they entail. Again, you don’t have much to worry about in that case as well. Post-procedural downtime only lasts around a week, and throughout those days, the only side effects you may get are a little swelling, redness, dryness, and itchiness. Nothing that can’t be cured with household methods. Little to no pain during downtime, short downtime, and a painless procedure make Botox a pretty smooth ride.

It’s Expensive

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Again, yes, a few years ago it would have been. Back then, the technology wasn’t there; the compound wasn’t as developed as it is now to be easier to produce, and in general, there were much fewer specialists in the field. So, it makes sense that treatments would have been a little more expensive.

Nowadays, you’re in luck. Just take a little walk throughout NYC and see how many different clinics you can spot. Tons of them. And you know that they’re offering their deals, their treatment packages that can fit within your budget. All across the world, the places that have some of the most Botox NYC and other areas, clinics offer some great treatment plans for prospective clients.

Spreading joy through Botox can only be accomplished with prices that match the commercial space that the residents of NYC have to work with.
So stop listening to rumors and false information. Just ask the folks working at the clinic, and they’ll fill you in on any worries you might have.

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