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Coolsculpting: Before and After – 2024 Guide

by Wilma Lucas

One of the best parts about any cosmetic treatment is looking back on yourself before the treatment to see how the changes impacted your appearance. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing visible change for something that you probably consider to be better.

Some treatments demonstrate a major change within the first couple days, if not hours after the procedure, such as dermal fillers, which pretty much have an immediate effect. Other treatments don’t work as fast, but spread out the results, leaving you to constantly check the mirror and see something different. One of these treatments is a fat reduction procedure called Coolsculpting in NYC and other major metropolitan areas’ favorite way to tone the body to the exact shape that you choose. You can read about Coolsculpting in NYC here.

While the treatment is perfect for anyone looking to tone a specific part of the body, regardless of where it is, there are a couple of catches you need to consider before deciding on when to go through with it.


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Let’s think about what you need to expect before the actual procedure. Many treatments out there, all of them in fact, require that the clients understand exactly the kind of procedure they’ll be going through and how their bodies are going to change in the future. This is obviously there to ensure that nobody goes in with any bit of doubt or confusion, so as to avoid unwanted results.

Professional clinics are very good at providing the necessary information for their clients and are more than capable of addressing all the concerns you may have prior to your visit to the clinic. But it’s also useful to do your own research before going into a clinic so that you have a basic idea of what Coolsculpting is and how it works.

Now, before you do anything else, you have to talk to your medical professional no matter what. You must speak to someone who knows your body better than you do and your doctor is that person. While Coolsculpting is nowhere near as complicated as other fat reduction procedures, it’s still important to make sure that you can receive the treatment without any unprompted complications.

And while, again, it’s very rare for anything to go wrong during Coolsculpting, you still need that extra bit of insurance before signing up for a procedure. Coolsculpting mainly depends on the sensitivity of your skin, but at the end of the day, all skin is, in one way or another, made to withstand the cold. So, if you can stand outside during the winter for more than an hour, the procedure shouldn’t be a problem for you, even if you have the most sensitive skin ever.

Once you’ve spoken with your medical professional, you need to figure out what kind of results you want to see from the treatment. Many people simply go to the clinic, tell the professionals about the kind of problems they’re having and what you’d like to see improved. Specifically: what part of your body needs to be toned. Again, these are things that the clinic professionals can help you out with, but it’s always good to think about it and decide on your own time, instead of rushing it at a clinic.

Just think about what physically and mentally bothers you about your body and how toning those areas can help make your life easier. It may seem a little ridiculous at first to think about the mental influence that your body has, but when you think about the little things that make you a little insecure about yourself, then you’ll come to understand that a little treatment can go a long way.


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The vast majority of the results following a Coolsculpting treatment will become visible within months after the treatment. That’s something important you need to understand before you even think about signing up for a treatment. Yes, Coolsculpting takes a long time to fully showcase its results.

Directly after the procedure, you’ll experience a bit of numbness in the treated area, as it was exposed to 40 minutes of constant cool air. But this numbness goes away within a couple of minutes, though it may still feel odd for several more hours. This is completely natural, considering how concentrated the airflow is. If you’ve had to stand outside in the winter for more than an hour, then this should be an absolute breeze for you.

After the procedure, your body will begin to slowly deplete the area of fat cells, which will destroy themselves after the constant exposure to cold temperatures. And this is the most natural way that you can trim away your fat without physically pulling it out or burning it away like it is done in other fat reduction procedures.

“Natural” means that it’s not going to pose as many dangers to your health as other kinds of fat reduction procedures. But with this greater safety and pretty much no danger of an allergic reaction, comes the price of having to wait for a longer period of time than you otherwise would have with other treatments. Many people think it’s a fair trade-off, for something much safer and they don’t mind waiting a couple of extra months if it means not toying around with their health.

But at the end of the day, you can probably get more information from clinics than from anywhere else. If you’re interested in learning more about the treatment, head over to someone as MiracleFace MedSpa’s Coolsculpting in NYC to learn more about the treatment and get into contact with them to see how to schedule your first appointment.

Their friendly staff will grant you all the information you’ll need to go into the treatment confidently, with no grey areas or things that you don’t fully understand, as it’s their responsibility to make sure that not only are you satisfied with their service, but you’re also healthy and safe.

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