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Is It Bad to Eat Too Many Vegetables?

by Dustin Cortright

We have been overwhelmed by an unhealthy way of living and fast food so many people are simply jeopardizing their health by eating a lot of red meat. Furthermore, the planet’s future is jeopardized in that way, as well.

Eggs & Milk

According to these reports no more than four eggs should be eaten by a single person during the period of seven days. Additionally, mildly related products, i.e. diary ones, should be consumed only once a week.

Red Meat

There have been numerous studies which confirm that red beat is simply bad for one’s health and its overuse in a diet can produce serious health problems, such as cardiovascular ones and problems with blood pressure. This is why many experts have advised that we should eat food that comes from the ground. It needs to be said that red meat is not only bad for health but its production is bad for the planet. How? Well, first of all, you need land to keep cattle which leads to cutting down forests. On the other hand. There are some experts which claim that there are no sustainable proofs that red meat is so bad for one’s health.

Eat Too Many Vegetables?

source: healthline.com


The organization called EAT, which is located in Stockholm, has recently published research which states that the food habits and ways of eating and diet of humans should be modified by 2050 so that the lives of people and the planet would be saved. The research paper and conclusions from the panel suggest that more vegetables should be eaten, especially beans and grains and fruit. The usage of meat needs to be reduced, in some countries with richer standards, by 50%. Furthermore, the usage of sugar and potatoes and rice should be controlled.

However, there are many people that simply will not give up on eating meat. Moreover, restaurant owners will simply not delete red meat from their menus since it is one of the main ways of income. Furthermore, the notion of not eating dairy products, more precisely cheese, is simply strange in the areas where this food is the cultural matter. Additionally, all those who are on the industry of meat and dairy foods production will surely find some evidence and proof that red meat and milk products are good.

Eat Too Many Vegetables?

source: rd.com


The usage of meat, i.e. its limitation, mostly applies to richer countries. On the other hand, people in undeveloped countries do not eat enough meat. This does not mean that they should use it much more, but it is needed to increase in their diets. The research and papers on the proper diet, on what food should be eaten and which one should be limited is good; however, even its makers are aware that time is needed and a lot of cooperation with the food production industries to make it happen and to be for everyone’s benefit.

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