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Swiss Medica 21: How Stem cells Are Treated Complex Diseases

by Dustin Cortright

The topic of stem cells treatment is becoming more and more popular as the day passes by, controversies have not been absent on the topic of stem cell therapy, they have risen with it alongside its popularity. The reason for this popularity is not far-fetched, stem cells therapy has shown great potentials in treating quite a number of diseases. In order to sort out these controversies and point out the truth about stem cells therapy; I deeply studied a lot of information online and also went further to watch reviews, of course, I found both the good and the bad reviews.  I contacted Swiss Medica having checked their reviews and carrying out personal research on their credibility as per stem cell therapy to ask them questions, and I thought it’d be nice and extremely useful sharing in details to you what I’ve found about the stem cell treatment process. The questions were from the Basic to the most controversial ones.

What is stem cell treatment?

Stem cells are present all through the human body from the inception of birth, they are the body cell reviving engine; they replenish or reproduce specialized body cells. The manipulation of these cell stem cells in medicine to treating diseases is what is referred to as stem cell treatment. Stem cells are present in the bone marrow doing their multiplication jobs. They are biological cells, and they can also be referred to as somatic or tissue-specific cells. Stem cells have the ability to metamorphose into different other similar cells which are function specific. Some cells are unable to replenish themselves through cell division; stem cells take care of the renewal needs of those cells.

Source: https://www.closerlookatstemcells.org/stem-cells-medicine/nine-things-to-know-about-stem-cell-treatments/

What are the procedures for stem-cell therapy?

  1. Harvest

In the harvest stage, adipose tissues are The collected from the body through the process of liposuction. This is usually a painless process. The cells have very high multiplication tendencies. The cells collected from host specifically are used; this is due to the consideration of the body’s tendency to revolt against foreign cells.

  1. Separation

Once the fats are collected, the cells need to be extracted from the chunk of fat. Cell extraction solution helps separate stem cells in a centrifuge, cell extraction solution and mixing fat happens in an automated temperature- hub, the test tubes are then prepared, and the prepared mix is placed into the test tubes ready to be used in a centrifuge device. Stems are placed in a centrifuge and spun automatically until cells separate from the fat. This is done with special equipment and reagents, the process is a very rigorous one, and sometimes the cells might be contaminated due to excessive tampering. Swiss Medica has come up with ways to totally avoid these contaminations, most of the processes at swiss Medica are automated, this greatly reduces the risks. The methods at Swiss Medica are well researched, tested and trusted. The stem cells extracted have very high proliferative rates and rapid differentiation potentials which is the goal of every stem cell extraction, and that is why they have experienced success in different stem cells therapies.

  1. Activation

After extraction, photoactivation is done, and it stimulates the release of growth factors from PRP (фplatelet-rich plasma) which activates stem cells.

  1. Treatment through stem cell infusion

After the activation of stem cells, stem cell infusions are administered through intravenous drip lasting 1-2 hours. They are minimally invasive, the pain disappears in no time. When your own stem cells are used, you are very safe as this is the safest consideration a medical procedure regarding stem cell injection can put into view. You do not stand the risk of allergic reactions through other risks exist like bleeding etc. In the video, I saw methods that the Swiss Medica has come up with to reduce the possibilities of this harm. Results of the injection will materialize in weeks, as in other injections; there will be pain around the penetration point, you are sure to experience the improvement you have longed for in a matter of weeks.

Stem cells

source: pinterest

Swiss Medica Review

I searched online and found Swiss Medica, I took time to watch their reviews on YouTube, It was too good to be true, and then I  did a follow up on a few of the interviewed patients on Facebook that were treated successfully because reviews could be misleading, the results were totally authentic, astounding and mostly touching.

Clara from the UK, with an extreme radiance of joy, claimed she had been born again at the Swiss Medica clinic. She flew all the way from England to Moscow with her family and in her words

“Swiss Medica was a brilliant firm start to finish, from booking the tickets, getting the Visa; sorting everything out, taking down my difficult dietary requirements. Everything they put into consideration and when we arrived in Moscow we were looked after from start to finish, my children were completely taken care of, I was able to settle down to get the care that I needed, the team of doctors was so caring and genuine….my husband was looked after, my dietary requirements meant that I couldn’t eat a lot of food, they catered to my husband and kids….”

Carla couldn’t walk without the aid of a stick when she got into the hospital, she was diagnosed of multiple sclerosis, but today, she can freely and conveniently walk, it was alive changing experience for her, and she believes she was born again.

Asides videos,  I watched how the stem cells therapy is being conducted on the Swiss Medica YouTube channel, I discovered their processes are mostly automated which removes the risk of contamination through human activities and also eliminates the risk of  possible human errors.

A host of wrong information has permeated the information space pertaining to stem cell therapy in the world today, it is almost impossible to know the truth about stem cells therapy as clinics and hospitals now manipulate information on stem cells to exploit sick people looking forward to the potency of stem cells therapy. In view of this alarming situation and having heard a lot of cases where people have experienced more complications or even lost their lives through the administration of wrong, unregulated and misinformed stem cell therapy treatments. It is very important to clear the air and make firsthand information available. With the information gotten from Swiss Medica, I was able to gain insight into stem cell treatment and the claims of hospitals to be wary of.

Clinics to be wary of

  1. Ensure that the procedure to be taken is approved by regulatory bodies, risk-taking is a good trait, but we should be very careful when it’s with our bodies, we don’t have nine lives
  2.  Beware of clinics that claim stem cells can treat EVERY disease
  3.  Do not rely on reviews alone as a means of verifying the authenticity of a clinic.
  4. Clinics that claim stem cells gotten from a part of the body can be used in treating another part of the body.

Overall, you can contact them at Swiss Medica they have found the clock medical practitioners ready to counsel you on your Stem cell treatment decision. When I contacted them, their response came in almost immediately, earlier than I had expected.

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