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How to Battle Your Eating Disorder

by Dustin Cortright

Having an eating disorder is something that will reflect very badly on your health. So because of that, it’s important to know how to battle it. Many doctors will tell you what you should be doing in order to battle eating disorder, but we believe that there are a few things that you need to quit in order to battle it even more effectively.

    1. Stop Criticizing Your Self

Being self-critical is one of many symptoms that are characteristic to eating disorder. Criticizing yourself will not get you anywhere, and it doesn’t help your morale eighter. Being in a bad situation is, well bad, but if you continue to beat yourself over it, it will make it even worst.

    2. Quit Blaming Everyone

No one’s family is perfect, but previous researchers have found out that many people affected by eating disorder find their parents as the root of the problem. Well, we couldn’t disagree more because latest research finds that eating disorders are caused by complex causes that closely relate to genetics and social factors. Blaming everyone around you will not take you anywhere. Blaming your parents for not being supportive is a mistake done by you and chances are they don’t know how to be supportive.

Eating Disorder

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    3. Acknowledge That You Need Help

When you decide that it is time for you to do something about this and you say ”I’m going to quit my eating disorder” it is wrong to think that you don’t need help. Acknowledging that you need help is the first step on the road to recovery. Researches find that people with eating disorders who have been offered professional help have recovered faster than those who try to do it alone.

    4. Prioritize Yourself

Most ways people get hurt is by putting other’s needs above their own. While this is closely related to your friends or family who also have an eating disorder, their needs can emotionally drain you. Taking care of yourself firstly is more important that you are taking care of someone else. It’s not about being selfish; it’s about your life.

    5. Never Lose Hope

 Eating Disorder

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Having an eating disorder can be life-threatening and in some cases fatal. However, an eating disorder is not a disease like cancer that has no cure. Quite the opposite an eating disorder can be treated, and you can even expect a full recovery. The main point is to never lose hope and to work towards staying positive above all else.

    6. Ask For Help

Let’s say that you are working closely with a team of professionals that are helping you battle your eating disorder and they are always with you whenever you need them. However, asking your friends and family for additional support will only help your situation. You shouldn’t be ashamed or scared to ask your closest ones for help when you need it most.

    7. Don’t Keep it a Secret

Keeping your eating disorder as a secret can put you in a state of mind where shame overwhelms you. This can lead to more problems with your eating disorder and can make the situation even direr. Select the people in your life whom you can trust 100% and share your struggle with them.

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