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Why You Should Take Vitamins and Supplements

by Skopje Macedonsko

Everyone knows how important good nutrition is for our health, and everybody knows how dangerous vitamin deficiencies can be.

All of your nutritional needs should be primarily taken through foods; however, it’s hard to juggle through home-work – home and still prepare the meal with all the necessary nutrients in order to satisfy our needs on a daily bases.

It’s important to follow a healthy diet, one that will be full of minerals, vitamins, and ingredients that will satisfy all of our needs. But as it turns out, not everyone can follow a healthy diet due to various reasons. This is where vitamin supplements come into play.

Vitamin Supplements

Doctors from around the world do all agree that all of your nutritional needs should be met from foods. Following a healthy eating pattern will satisfy your entire essential vitamin needs, minerals, and fibers that are naturally found only in foods.

Why You Should Take Vitamins and Supplements

source: consumerreports.org

While this is the preferred way, taking supplements can also be considered a good substitution. A few factors play a key role as to why people take vitamin supplements. Namely, your age plays a key role, if you are a pregnant woman if you have chronic diseases, and if you have problems absorbing certain vitamins and minerals. If you can find yourself amongst this group of people, then you should consider taking supplements in order to satisfy your nutritional needs.  

So which are the most important vitamin and mineral supplements that you must take?

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1. Fish Oil Supplements

 Omega 3 fats are the most important nutrients that many people don’t get enough on a daily bases. Since not everyone eats fish on a daily bases, taking fish oil supplements can greatly help you to:

•    Lower your blood pressure

•    Lower the levels of triglycerides

•    Drastically decrease the growth of plaque in your arteries

•    Reduce abnormal heart rhythm

•    Reduce the change of heart attacks and strokes

•    Reduce the change of cardiac death in people with heart diseases

Why You Should Take Vitamins and Supplements

source: bellavou.co.uk

2. Probiotics

Probiotics are bacteria that allow us to better absorb and digest nutrients through our digestive tracts and fight various infections.

One of the key benefits of Probiotics is:

•    Improve some mental health conditions

•    Prevent and treat diarrhea

•    Help balance friendly bacteria in your digestive system

•    Promote a healthy heart

•    Reduce the severity of allergies and fight eczema

•    Reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders

•    Increase the work of your immune system

3. Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D can also be called sunshine vitamin because it is produced in your skin. It is produced in order to respond to sunlight, and it’s a fat-absorbing vitamin, part of the vitamin family that includes Vitamin D1, D2, and Vitamin D3.

The sunshine vitamin is produced when we are exposed to sunlight, but not everyone gets the same amount of sunlight, so people naturally turn their attention towards Vitamin D supplements.

The key benefits of Vitamin D supplements are:

•    Decreases the chance of developing heart diseases

•    Reduces the risk of sclerosis

•    Decreases the chances of catching the flu

•    Fights depression

•    Boosts weight loss

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