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Can Flowers Be Therapeutic Tools?

by Skopje Macedonsko

There is an interesting concept within therapy called floral therapy. Now, you might wonder what exactly floral therapy is, and we will happily explain to you.

Floral therapy is a therapeutic activity that calms a person’s mind through assembling, designing, crafting, and creating a floral arrangement. Just by sitting in a room full of flowers and bouquets you are essentially practicing floral therapy.

As the popular author, Hans Christian Andersen once said “Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower in their life.”

Why Are Flowers Therapeutic?

It has been often times quoted that handling flowers is a distressing activity. According to many types of research, flowers can be mentally and emotionally stimulating, which are good signs that they possess the power to be therapeutic. There is a reason as to why walks in the park, or taking a day off and spending it in nature are considered calming for the mind. There is a great deal of emotional experienced attached to flowers.

Can Flowers Be Therapeutic Tools

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Handling flowers have the power to lift someone’s spirit, as they would say. According to multiple research papers, activities such as yoga, sports, massage, and more, have the same therapeutic effects as handling flowers.

One study, which was conducted by Harvard Medical School, found that if a person regularly handled flowers on a daily bases, he would cope much better with trauma-related emotions. The science and medicine behind this research later found out that the nervous system reacts and emits distressing stimuli to calm the brain, which all derive from flowers.

How to Practice Floral Therapy?

The only thing that you must have in order to practice floral therapy, are flowers. The place and time are not important, just the main ingredient. Floral therapy can be done by yourself, or in a group of people. However, which flowers you handle to have a different effect, and affect different emotions. For example, roses and heathers are a good combination of expression of solidity, admiration, and love.

If you want to start assembling flowers into beautiful bouquets in order to practice floral therapy, visit this website that will get you started anywhere, anytime.

How does Floral Therapy Benefit You?

We mentioned before that taking walks in the park or looking at beautiful mountain ranges, clear skies, and magnificent trees promote a sense of calmness, serenity, peace, and realization.

Can Flowers Be Therapeutic Tools

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Sometimes it can be too much to stay boxed in the city and juggling from home and work. And sometimes we need a bit of calmness or time-out to get our batteries recharged. This is the perfect time to practice floral therapy as it can bring peace to your mind.

Floral therapy is not some big hoax that forces people into buying flowers based on falls information. Floral therapy is backed by science and logic. The facts are there for everyone to see, and science has found that flowers carry many vessels of mental benefits. If you’re ever feeling anxiety or stress, flowers can help you calm your mind and make the anxiety and stress go away. There is a reason why there are so many bright and uplifting things associated with flowers. They promote joy, calmness, love, and a host of other emotions that we can all benefit from time to time.

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